Tarja looked something confused. She saw down and didn't say anything. They contiued theit way/ Finally, Tarja looked at the woman and said:

- But you promised to tell me about my life!
- Well, I'll tell you only a few moments of your life
- You even won't say to me who was this boy?- Tarja looked very upset.
- I'll say you only his name. Soon you'll understand all yourself.
- I don't sure about it... so, how is his name?
- You always called him Tuo. No more questions

Tarja kept silent and plunged into her reflections.
They went to forest. A little paths longed higher, to the mountain. Soon the woman turned right from it. For Tarj's surprise in the thik of the forest was a little house. The woman opened the door. When she did it from the house became a strong wind and Tarja hardly could to stay. Wind with every minute became more and more quiet and they appeared at the room. Here, on the bed was sitting a man, whom, of course, Tarja didn't know, and on his laps was sitting ... she!
The man said:

- I'll do everything for you! If you want I'll kill myself! I'll do everything you'll ask me to do!

He wanted to continue, but Tarja embrased him and said:

- You mustn't do it! I love you and without your exploits.

After it she kiss him with all her lust.
Tarja was shoked and looked at the woman. All around dissapeared and they became stay on the big empty greengrace field. Tarja's eyes were widely opened

- And...who was HIM?
- His name is Marcello.
- But...- Tarja at one moment became dissapointed.
- And I don't love more this another now?
- No more questions.

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