They suddenly stopped. Tarja seemed that somewhere far away she hear the ringing of church bells..she moved closer to the woman. Suddenly it began to snow, began evening, and they were in the street of a city. Tarja dimly seen what was on this street. Bell ringing louder and everything around, too, became clearer. Tarja looked at the woman.

Tarja saw at place, where women was looking. She saw out of the corner of the church a guy and a girl. The girl joyfully laughed and threw snowballs in a guy. In her Tarja learned herself, but who was this man? The girl ran to the tree and hide behind him, with a smile and keep silent. The guy then ran behind her, she turned farther behind a tree, but he lied to her and turned the other way, faced into her and their lips suddenly locked in a kiss.

Yonger Tarja didn't resist him, she was happy.
- it was your first kiss - said the woman.
-but who who he is? exclaimed Tarja, but at this moment all: street, the church, the tree under which stood the guy and she - all had gone.

-Who is this blue-eyed guy with curly hair?
-Tell me what you felt now, when saw it?- the woman said it as she had not heard of what Tarja asked. was very warm, as if in me that something was burning in my soul...but then, when everything began to fade was like somebody hurted me..

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