Tarja opened her eyes. She was lying in stream in beautiful red dress, on her head was a diadem with the stars. Here was warm and she was looking on blue sky. When she finally understood she is in water and that she is all wet, she stood up. Around was perfect! Beautiful landscape was here- mountains, green fields, forest, a little stream...

Tarja looked in her hand, in which was apple.
"How strange it is...where am I? What is going on?"- she thought. She was very hungry and decided than apple will be a good meal..but at the moment when she bring it to her mouth. In front of her suddenly appeared a woman,which ran up to her, put her finger close to apple and it was becoming redder and redder. From the unexpectedness Tarja dropped the apple and stumbled back. Apple became a wild rose and dissapeared.
The woman said:
- You mustn't eat it. it could be dangerous. It was a broken man's heart, it broke you.
- Me!? I don't remeber anything from my life. I remember only a dark..only screaming shadows..they wanted something from me..I don't understand why..they wanted to kill me..
- Let's go, I'll tell you your life.

Woman in white light dress turned and walked along the forest. Tarja hurried after her andwith curiosity watch on woman's hairstyle. Finally she looking around felt devastated.

-I'm hardly remember that my name is Tarja, I feel I'm alone, nobody can help me now, when you'll begin to tell me my life?
-Soon..very very soon...- was the answer..

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