She doesn't forget about her frineds, but she doesn't know why, but her memories, as she felt, were going farer and farer,her mind became brighter, as light in her eyes turned off. She opened eyes in cold dark room, she was very afraid of somebody, but she didn't know who. In one moment many shadows appeared in front of her, they were shouting and crying and flying around her, she wanted to run away but only this moment she understood that she was tied to a chair.

"What have I done?"- she screamed in horror. Shadow started laughing.
"Let me go!"-she tried to break free. But the strength went out of her. She fell together with the chair and the only continued to silently repeat: "let me go..let me go.."

At last she fell silent, tears flowed from her eyes, she saw nothing, took a deep breath, as if she doesn't breathing before this and had never, as she lost a lot of air, and had lost consciousness.

@темы: Tarja Turunen