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ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.
Просто вот... И я больше ничего не скажу... Потому что это СонГю и это просто прекрасно...


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ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.
Да... Давно меня не было.. Даже как-то не верится :)

Я отстала от к-поп мира и теперь у меня мозг готов взорваться от переизбытка сведений.

Камбэки Эпик Хай, Б.А.П, Блок Б и ещё большей половины к-поп....

А не было меня, собственно потому, что я конкретно подсела на Сверхъестественное.

Трындец это, товарищи. Называется хотела посмотреть по чему так сходят с ума в Тумблре. Зависла...

Но совсем не жалею, жду новых серий.

И ещё поняла, что несмотря на то что никогда не шипперила корейские пейринги (да, я странная ), а относилась к ним нейтрально, я не могу шипперить европейцев и американцев... Просто рука не поднимается...

А вообще всё супер!

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Это вообще как называется????

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.
Это вообще как называется???? Это уже просто п**дец, товарищи... *Ушла в фэйспалм. Надолго. Вернусь не скоро* Но вообще, с юморком так... Весело :D
09.10.2012 в 22:45
Пишет lal13:

сцуко я ржу как конь.особенно "прекрасна" первая статья

09.10.2012 в 22:04
Пишет fake_:

Секс? Ват? :lol: Штоетаблять я не пойму?????:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

09.10.2012 в 21:25
Пишет maresca:

Так вот ты какая, халлю уэйв... (с)
Я не буду давать оценки происходящему, но "Хичоль" - это однозначно сленг! Такой же, как и "оппа"! :lol:

09.10.2012 в 21:19
Пишет Merle: ):

Не, они правда уже о**ели.

(с) с вконтакта через твиттер.

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Не осталось слов... Просто..

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.

В который раз влюбилась в его голос... Он смог вытянуть даже эту песню

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.

В который раз я уже буду пересматривать Wild Bunny?

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.
В 10 наверное... И снова в самом конце вспомню про ситуацию с Джеем... Нужно пойти что ли салфеток купить?

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Просто невероятно красиво...

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.

Сынри-я! Можно я тебя обниму??

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.

Блииин... Как же она права...

ненавижу этот мир... ненавижу этих людей... я всех ненавижу... а нет, всё в порядке, я нашёл наушники.
Could Be Nothing, Could Be Something (rant)

I don’t like seeing Sunggyu being teased anymore. At first I went along fine with it because Gyu has always been such a good sport. He laughs when he’s made fun of and he even thinks of some witty remarks in return, but lately I’ve gotten this feeling that all the stress is building up inside of him. He’s the team leader. He has responsibilities that the other members don’t have and it’s his job to be calm, collected, and clear-minded. It doesn’t help when he has to uphold a certain image and all everyone does is say things that make him feel burdened. That’s what it is. Rather than being hurt or saddened by the things he’s put through, I feel that it’s more of a burden to him than anything else. That brings stress.

Look, I’m a pretty sympathetic person. Ever since young I’ve had this tendency to put myself in other people’s shoes, and I’m so good at it that at times I’ve confused certain illusions for reality. When this happens, I feel the stress, sadness, anger, happiness, etc, that the person I imagine to be is feeling, and very rarely have I actually achieved this to the point where I’ve cried. Call me sensitive, and that might be the absolute truth, but I know what Sunggyu is probably going through. This time I don’t have to imagine it because I’ve already been there. When I was little I used to be teased a lot. By my friends, my school mates, my family, even a few of my teachers. I was teased for different reasons. At school I was teased for being quiet. Having bad handwriting (so bad I got kicked out my first grade class, and I’m not even kidding you). Not understanding a math problem (I had to stay in at recess just so I could catch up to everyone else). At home I was teased by my two brothers, and well, you can imagine how all of that went. I was even teased and reprimanded by my mother who, whenever I cried, instead of getting angry or trying to comfort me would only looked at me with a condescending look, and she’d laugh. My own mother would sometimes laugh at me, yes. She’d tell me with a serious expression that crying was a weakness, and that if I showed that side of me, people would only find more excuses to hurt me.

From the very beginning I was taught to be strong. Eventually I learned to grow out of my cry-baby tendencies and I matured. By the time I entered the 6th grade, I wasn’t that girl you could snub and bully and feel pride at having had mentally injured. No. I didn’t follow other people. People followed me. I became a leader. It was my turn to be the one with the power to snub, bully, tease and whatnot. But I didn’t. Instead I joined the school’s Peer Counseling team and together with a couple of my friends, we would go into the younger grade classrooms and do an hour lecture on bullying. During break we’d wear orange vests and patrol the school grounds, and if anyone ever needed anyone to talk to, they could come up to anyone of us and ask for advice. We solved disputes among friends, we’d chase away bullies, and the feeling I got from that was so amazing. More importantly, I learned that there is no need to take what anyone else says to heart. If someone finds a flaw in you, sure it’s easy point out the flaws in the other person too, we’ve all done it, but that’s the trick, isn’t it? We all have flaws. We need to learn to accept them, embrace them, and though some of us may feel the need to correct them, people also need to realize that there is no way to be absolutely perfect.

When you’re a leader, on the other hand, there is this mentality that one has to be flaw-free. Only perfect people can lead? No, that’s not true. But that’s what I once thought, and that’s what I believe Sunggyu is feeling right now. Put yourselves in his shoes. Imagine what it must feel like to be the leader of one of Korea’s rising groups, picture the image you would have to project to the public, invision the responsibilities that are put on your plate. The stress that builds up from all of that can be so overwhelming, and then to top it off, imagine having to put up with being teased constantly on national television. Not just by the hosts but your members too, and then imagine leaving the studio only to find that the fans outside have prepared “ginseng” gifts because you’re acquired a “grandpa personality” that you aren’t particularly fond of and you feel isn’t the real you, and then you look to the side to realize that the other members have actually gotten nice gifts that you’re envious of. Imagine being teased for having a lisp, for having the smallest eyes imaginable, and then on top of that being judged by immature people who probably hate you despite not having met you ever. I don’t need to explain to you all that being an idol is hard. Being a leader, a representative of an idol group, being in the spotlight constantly— it can wear people out.

No matter how strong a person is. Slowly but surely, stress can build up, and stress is something that can lead to depression.

Sunggyu mentioned that his grandpa image was a burden to him on Strong Heart, and on today’s episode of Ranking King, whether he cried or not because he ranked last again, there is no denying that the look on his face was that of someone who was deeply upset. To be honest, I can’t even think about it much less look at those gifs without tearing up because that is exactly what I have had to put up with. When you’ve accumulated so much stress, any little thing can break you. Sunggyu looked like he was trying not to let it bother him and he refused to show his tears, but I know. I saw it, and I know I’m not the only one.

I hope Sunggyu has already spoken to the other members about it. Knowing him, I’m sure he has. I hope that this teasing won’t last long and that the group will mature a little more. I’ll forgive Sungjong because he’s always been in that position, and I respect and praise him for not breaking down despite the bullying. Yes, Sunggyu has done most of it it seems, but we saw that in Sesame Player, the other members, especially Sunggyu and Hoya, acknowledged that Sungjong was the most stressed. Whenever they planned an escape, no one ever objected to him coming along when some of the others had to stay behind. Yet at the end of the day, despite all of the teasing that happens, there is a strong bond between the members. They love each other like brothers, family, and family doesn’t always get along, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Recently in an effort to seem more appealing to the fans, the other members have taken to treating Sunggyu lightly, and I don’t believe that’s fair at all.

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