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Twisted Love of Master & Monster
Hello, everyone!
This post is addressed to all our friends and soulmates, who do not speak Russian.

Our visiting statistics show us that our community is visited from all over the world. In this connection the administration of this community would like to say the following – we are very glad to greet all the shippers of Alucard/Integra pairing and we hope that you like everything in this community as much as we do!

Arts, doujinshi and all the material posted here are taken from very different sources. All the rights belong to their creators and we claim nothing. Please consider that if you find your art in our community without copyright or if you do not want your art to be published in our community, feel free to inform us in the comments of this post.

If you have any ideas or any comments, we will happily read them. You do not have to register in our community if you want to leave your comments. Just follow the instructions.
We wish you all the best.

Forever yours,
Romancia community administration.

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2015-06-14 в 17:08 

Hi everyone! I need a little help here! I'm looking for pictures from the artist called "Kyuuketsukousi" (also known as "Hellsing Nobody") You guys always posts pics from him/her and I'd like to know where do you get those? Please tell me, it is very important!!

2015-06-14 в 21:44 

Лисявое ОБЛО
All information from her oficial site)

2015-06-15 в 19:12 

AH!! Thanks!!