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Pete Doherty
concerning the moonfest fiasco.

Doherty's band Babyshambles will now be unable to headline the three-day Moonfest festival in Westbury, Wiltshire after officers successfully lodged the application at North Wiltshire Magistrates Court.
Police were afraid security was not strong enough to contain the 5,000 set to attend.
It is believed to be the first court to issue section 160 of the Licensing Act (2003) to stop and act performing.
Chief Superintendent Julian Kirby: "We carried out an analysis of what Pete Doherty and his band does.
"What he does as part of his routine is to gee up the crowd. They speed up and then slow down the music and create a whirlpool effect in the crowd.
"They (the crowd) all get geed up and then they start fighting."

Babyshambles Interview With The Band and Backstage

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Pete Doherty
Janie Jones

Babyshambles | Format: MP3 Download
From the Album Janie Jones (Strummerville)

* Published on: 2006-10-23
* Released on: 2006-10-23
* Running time: 127 seconds

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Pete Doherty at Le Bataclan club in Paris, during his 2009 solo tour. Photograph: Dean Chalkley

on english

PETER DOHERTY: A rake's progress

[«A rake’s progress»/ «Карьера мота» — серия гравюр английского художника Уильяма Хогарта, повествующая о безрассудной жизни Тома Рейквелла, сына богатого торговца, который тратит деньги отца на роскошный образ жизни, продажную любовь и азартные игры, и в конечном итоге заканчивает свою жизнь в психиатрической больнице – прим. переводчика]

Автор статьи: Craig McLean
Переводчик: Аня Ница
Статья вышла в «Observer» 22 марта 2009, Лондон

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Статья предоставлена переводчиком (Аня Ница)
Клуб ПИТ ДОЭРТИ / PETE DOHERTY (vkontakte.ru)

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Pete Doherty
Shotter's Nation/Live
Format: [Audio CD, Import]
Babyshambles (Artist)
(13 Sep 2010)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: EMI

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Pete Doherty
You Talk
Babyshambles (Artist) | Format: Audio CD

You Talk — u-tube

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Pete Doherty
by Babyshambles
21 February 2005 Audio CD [Single, Import]
29 November 2004 [Single, Maxi]
Vinyl [Single EP Limited Edition Maxi]

Song Title
1. Killamangiro [3:26]
2. The Man Who Came To Stay [3:50]

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Pete Doherty
Maximum Babyshambles: Interview
by Babyshambles
MP3 Album [Format: Audio CD] # Number of Discs: 1
Label: Chrome Dreams
06 March 2006

Song Title

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Pete Doherty
Blinding E.P.
by Babyshambles
Audio CD [EP, Import]
05 December 2006

Track Listings
1. The Blinding
2. Love You But You're Green
3. I Wish
4. Beg, Steal Or Borrow
5. Sedative

@темы: Дискография, Babyshambles, 2006


Pete Doherty
Fuck Forever
[CD 2] by Babyshambles
Audio CD [Single]
15 August 2005

Track Listings:

1. Fuck Forever (original)
2. East Of Eden
3. Babyshambles
4. Fuck Forever (video)

Fuck Forever [Single, Maxi]
by Babyshambles

Track Listings:
1. Fuck Forever (Original)
2. Monkey Casino — u-tube

Monkey Casino is the name of a Babyshambles track, released as a B Side to Fuck Forever, that is also known under many other, different titles. Usually Doherty would just add a word onto the end of the name "Pipey" ("Pipey Magregor"/"Pipey O'Brady"/"Pipey Magraw"/"Pipey O'Hooley"/"Pipey O'Tootdle" etc.) This track also borrows lyrics from another song recorded by The Libertines, called "Bilo Song." Before the song was recorded and released by Babyshambles, in 2005, it was usually played acoustically by Doherty.
The lyric, "You know that one's too many and a hundred ain't enough" is lifted from the 1945 Billy Wilder film The Lost Weekend, in which the desperate life of an alcoholic is followed through a four day drinking bout. A barman in the film says, "One's too many, and a hundred's not enough."

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Pete Doherty
by Babyshambles
Audio CD - Single - Enhanced - Maxi
17 September 2007

Track Listings:
1. Delivery — u-tube
2. Stone Me
3. I Wish
4. Delivery

Delivery [Single]
Audio CD - Single

Track Listings:

1. Delivery
2. A Day Out In New Brighton

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Pete Doherty
by Babyshambles (Artist)| Format: Audio CD
[CD 2] Label: Rough Trade
2005 [Single, Maxi]
2006 [Single, Enhanced, Import]

Track Listings

1. Albion — u-tube

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Pete Doherty
Oh What a Lovely Tour…
by Babyshambles
Live DVD + Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: Import
02 June 2008

Track Listings

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Pete Doherty
Back To The Bus: Babyshambles
Babyshambles | Format: Audio CD (2006)

Track Listings

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Pete Doherty
MTV Europe Music Awards

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Pete Doherty
Peter Doherty & Babyshambles
Ph: Джейсон Белл (Jason Bell)

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Richard Skidmore @ Boogaloo Bar
2007 July 5th

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Pete Doherty
The Big Issue
2006 July 24-30

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Pete Doherty
2005 July 23

2006 March 4

2005-й год был примечателен для музыканта не только бесчисленными столкновениями с полицией, не только нашумевшим романом с супермоделью Кейт Мосс (Kate Moss), который начал затмевать даже его героиновые похождения, но и появлением долгожданного дебютного альбома Babyshambles "Down in Albion".

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Up The Shambles - Live In Manchester

Rated: Exempt | Format: DVD

(2007 DVD - Pete Doherty founded Babyshambles after his departure from The Libertines in 2004, this performance from the September of 2004 was filmed at the Ritz in Manchester with a special guest appearance from Dot Allison [One Dove] and features tracks that would appear on their debut album 'Down With Albion' along with singles, Libertines tracks and otherwise unreleased songs plus Bonus Material including behind the scenes footage, bonus solo acoustic performances of Libertines tracks by Pete and more...).

1. Intro u-tube
2. The Man Who Came To Stay — u-tube
3. Do You Know Me — u-tube
4. In Love With A Feeling
5. Babyshambles — u-tube
6. Gang of Gin — u-tube
7. Fuck Forever — u-tube
8. I Mean You No Harm - featuring Dot Allison — u-tube
9. Sheepskin Tearaway — featuring Dot Allison — u-tube
10. Don't Look Back Into the Sun - featuring Dot Allison — u-tube
11. Time For Heroes — featuring Dot Allison — u-tube
12. Albion — featuring Dot Allison — u-tube txt
13. I Wanna Break Your Heart — featuring Dot Allison — u-tube
14. What Katy Did — u-tube
15. Killamangiro — u-tube
16. My Darling Clementine — u-tube
17. Blackboy Lane — u-tube
18. Wolfman — u-tube

Bonus Material:
* Behind the scenes with Babyshambles
* Full Pete Doherty solo acoustic performances of the Libertines tracks 'Time For Heroes' & 'Can’t Stand Me Now'
* Babyshambles performing 'Babyshambles' plus other live clips

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Фотограф: Французский fashion дизайнер итальянско-бразильско-тунисского происхождения Эди Слиман (Hedi Slimane)
Эди Слиман снимал Пита Доэрти и группу Babyshambles для своего альбома фотографий Stage, посвященного английскому року.

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Peter Doherty