Don't smoke, don't drink
all I do is think.
But we all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real, and... hmm... they remind you of the beauty of very simple things. You forget, because you're so busy going from A to Z, that there's... hmm ... 24 letters in between...'
[Infected Mushrooms]

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If there is a tile, then a blank space, then another tile in a
straight line, can the Thief climb through the blank space
using the impassible terrain mode of his Climbing ability?
Or is this only for the Terrain tiles variant?
No. That sounds neat though, try it and get back to us?


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The Enchanted Bow only causes the Dragon to discard cards,
but does not cause it to lose Health. It kills the Thief because
he has nothing else to lose.


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No one can tell me that I won't have some fun getting a guy on a hex-board with a spear to stab a hell monster. That sounds brilliant escapism after everything else has happened. (c)


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Nicolas Cage is my spirit animal. (c)


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Now you need to reverse enthropy... Now this is technically possible.(c)

Не в смысле сейчас это стало возможным, а в смысле "ну и"


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"Окукливание! Срочно в номер!"


just in case

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он оказывается не только скайп, но еще и твиттер немножко:


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No game about anarchists, secret agents and unholy creatures from another
dimension would be complete without the ability to assassinate the



awesome stuff

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Psychosomatic addict insane


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- How do you train a cat? You can't train a cat.
- Yea, you have to... You have to speak russia.

остальное не очень интересно


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Может ли каждый человек сам решать что можно говорить, а что нет?

Вопрос: Может ли каждый человек сам решать что можно говорить, а что нет?
1. Может 
5  (50%)
2. Может, но это запрещено 
4  (40%)
3. Не может 
1  (10%)
4. Не может сам решать, на какие темы может 
0  (0%)
Всего: 10

%placeholder% don't make people. people makes people.

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В коридоре один человек говорил в телефон:
-... Люди так не разговаривают, понимаешь? Это неестественно. Смотри различные ток-шоу, там естественно все.

Белорусская эстрада ничтожна по сравнению с российской. Так же как российская по сравнению с западной. Думаю так.


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- You wanna help?
- Can I help it in a way where I say I'm really supportive of your dumb idea, but I don't contribute in any way?
- Fine
- Sweet, sign me up!


dive now, work later

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Вопрос: For which of the following purposes can you use the Mocking Framework?
1. To create unit tests by reverse engineering the code 
0  (0%)
2. To generate insults which are directed at developers whose code doesn’t pass unit testing 
0  (0%)
3. To replace view/tables with test tables 
0  (0%)
4. To supply fake test data for your unit tests 
2  (100%)
Всего: 2

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неожиданно узнал, что я, помимо прочего, гигантский кальмар.

Insane of sensation