охтыжбожемой .-. корвалола мне .-.
сначала напишу на английском если надо будет перевод выставлю х)))
I was happy to get a letter from you. I answer your questions with pleaser.
Well, I have some hobbies. I enjoy reading books, magazines, tickets, birthday cards, recieves and other papers with texts. Also, I like account pages by myself. It's very interesting hobby/ But in evenings I have headaches.
My friens are books and magazines. So, I always spend my time with my friends, I enjoy talking with them because they are silent. They like to hear my voice.
I don't visit my relatives because my library like a family to me.
So, I can't wait to hear from you.
это сочинение написала я х)) ещ смешнее сочинение у Венгрии-сан. мы тоже ее сочинение вместе делали х)) если что я позже выставлю х)))))

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