Miran of the Dark
In the end, we will have the last laugh.

Безнадежно облазив весь англоязычный интернет в поисках Shion Note продолжения,ведь на Bake уже давненько не было обновлений, решила попытать счастье на китайских просторах И вот... О счастье - весь Shion note c 07-12 части, а еще фаны переводят там уже конец 11 тома Dai Den!!! Единнственнная проблема, что язык, но с переводчиком от гугла это решаемо. Итак, как найти и попасть:




老正太后宫记 - вводи в поисковую строку на tieba.baidu.com/ или просто в любом поисковике (tieba.baidu.com/f/search/res?kw=&qw=&rn=10&un=%...) и потом открываем Гугловский переводчик по адресу :translate.google.com/

Вот пример того, что выдается при выходе. Взято с Sion Note 09 переводилось на английский: Sion, he asked.
Toward the bust in half left Carolina, asked.
"So, how to call you?"
Thus, once the Carolina bust of a woman to look to him.
"...... Phyllis. Opened the light of darkness (Phyllis Ellis). So call me."
She replied.
Phyllis? "
"This is your name?"
"Told me to betray the dark light (Ellis) can also be (I do not know how to turn ==" dark wo industrialization industrialization さ さ gu light "gu" is "to sell, do business, do business, do business" meaning. Well, all of you to understand! ==)
"... What is which one?"
So ask Phyllis smiled.
"Which can not you just say the name does not make any sense."
"In that case, call you Phyllis!
"Just you."
Phyllis said.
Then she look at the gray sky.
Been looking at the gray sky.
"Get sky cut and now you can already do it."
Sion look to the sky. And then feel completely different to the scenery and just see.
I am afraid that because Carolina swallowed the sake of it.
Carolina's strength in his body movement. Deterred from his body. No, in his mind
"Open your eyes. Go out. "
Sounded the voice of the Carolina.
Comply with that voice of Sion, opening their eyes. Then that the center of the eye pupil, suddenly emerged out of the tears-like pattern.
Moment, surrounded by his views changed.
Everything around him, began to transform into the mark, graphics, and symbols.
Just a little bumper will be able to put all of these damage.
Only one thing can not be destroyed.
Is covered with a gray sky.
However, Sion, has the strength to cut crack this gray.
"...... The Sword ah"
He whispered.
And then held out his hand.
So in that the hands, again, a black sword.
Reiner's eyes Look at the sword, he saw the composition of the text of the sword. Know that sword is created, for what and who makes out.
The sword is only injected to kill the power of two hundred million "Goddess". In other words, stabbed two hundred million "Goddess", the sword no longer has any force.
Then the sword after losing power, Sion will die.
That is the sword - not
"...... I'm just a" goddess "in order to reduce the number of existence."
He whispered.
And the sword also wrote on the Sion to create the name.
The guy's name is a "priest"
"Priest," the name, as constitute the text written on the sword above.
Of course, and there is no record that guy what is what people, this information is not written in on the sword.
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