Castlevania: Lord of Shadow

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Part 1 Besieged Village

A storm is come. Mankind faces rain and despair. The world is changing jet hope remains in the hearts of the people. We go about our daily lives never knowing the forces that can change our destinies forever; we are oblivious, ignorant like sheep to the slaughter. This night, in the year of our Lord 1047, marks the beginning of our journey together; a journey into darkness, into madness. I watch him from the shadow. Is he the one? He has come far already but he will be tested; tested to the very limits of human endurance ... and beyond. This night he rides looking for the old gods, armed with an amulet that has led him here; tonight he will begin his journey into oblivion.

The struggle for supremacy is eternal, inevitable. Victory is the natural of every creature on this world. They will kill and die for their kind to dominate. Some call this eternal struggle 'equilibrium', the balance between light and darkness... These are dark times. Times without hope. Men of Faith claim that this is a test from God, to Check our spirit. Perhaps this is true, or perhaps it is simply a pious lie. If it is true, darkness has come to engulf once-proud humanity and we are witnessing the end of mankind.

Part 2 Huntings Path

I follow him into the old forest watching him from altar. He is strong indeed. The one God comes to drive out the many, but here, in this place God's influence is thin and threadbare. The old Gods still hold sway here. Few venture this far into the wood. He is disturbed by dreams, dreams that gnaw at his very soul. He will rest for the night, but rest will not come easy. The battle has left him weakened, but he knows the dream will return and though he fears nothing on this Earth.
Yet his nightmares sap the strength within him and leave a cold grip on his heart. Tomorrow he will use the old burning part. Long has it been in disuse, but for now... be dreams.

What motivates a man to confront the challenges that most of us would run from? Condemning him to solitude exposing him to defeat and death? The answer... is Love. A force so powerful that all reason becomes blind to it. Blind to all things... even the truth.
Loss of love can make a man desperate... Desperate enough to do anything to bury the truth, to the from its pain.

Part 3 The Dead Bog

Alone again with only his thought as company, he continues on his journey to find the one he seeks. Who or what was that strange creature? There is a power here that few know, a power that could have some influence on events. Perhaps the guardian if the lake is aware of him now and offers aid in his quest? There is just small matter of the Dead Bog to overcome, a place that has claimed the lives of many of the Btothehood. The smell of dead is strong here and danger lies around every corner, but nothing will stop him... nothing will stand in his way.

Part 4 Pan's Temple

The stench of the bog fades into memory and a land of great beauty lies before him, a paradise where nature lives in harmony with all living creatures, indeed a refuge for those who wish it. He is close now, close to the old Gods and the old ways. Long forgotten by all, yet now only a small part remains. Soon even this will disappear. The amulet senses its master; its journey is almost over. He will need all his strength now, all his wits if he is to succeed here, if he is to convince the old God to help him.

Gabriel: Show yourself! The Brotherhood needs your help… I need your help.
Pan: I know who you are, Gabriel… I am the guardian of the Lake of Oblivion, were the living can communicate with the dead. Tell me, warrior, are you aware of what is happening in the world?
Gabriel: We have been deserted by God. Creatures from the void come to claim the souls of men to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth.
Pan: And what of the Elders of your Order? What do they think?
Gabriel: That God has not abandoned us… They believe that a powerful spell has been unleashed by someone or… something. A spell that has isolated our world from the heavens, cutting us off from God and allowing evil to flourish unchecked.
Pan: Why have the Brotherhood of Light sent you to the Lake of Oblivion?
Gabriel: They have dreamt that a message waits for me at this lake; a message that holds a clue to our salvation. I was instructed to seek you out, in the hope that you may show me the path.
Pan: The Elders believe that these dreams are the last message from the Heavens and that you should know something that we are unaware of… Is that it?
Gabriel: … Yes… My wife, Marie, was murdered not two days ago by the evil that roams these lands… Her soul and those of the recently departed are trapped here and cannot find peace.
Pan: And that is why they sent you to the Lake of Oblivion, because they believe that she is waiting for you here? To deliver a message to you?
Gabriel: Yes… Will you help me?
Pan: Only the most deserving of the living are worthy of speaking to the dead. Are you worthy, Gabriel?

В видении Габриэль убивает кинжалом свою любимую жену после ее воскрешения. Когда герой оборачивается на его лице расколотая маска.

Gabriel: What does this mean? Tell me!
Pan: Only that you have passed the test. You appear worthy of entering the Lake of Oblivion. *Жестом руки Пан открывает врата обвитые корнями деревьев.* Make sure you have your Daggers with you. One never knows when need may arise.

Part 5 Oblivion Lake

The test has shaken him. I see the doubt in his eyes as he heads towards the lake. So Pan is helping him now? That's good. Perhaps it boded well. I wonder if he knows what awaits him here, in this place where the dead can contact the living. It is cold now. A chill wind blows through his heart; I can see it. Feel it! Be will need help if be is to succeed. He must not fail. He will not fail, not now... not yet, not if I have anything to do with it.

На замерзшем озере первая встреча с Зобеком. Он появляется очень вовремя не позволяя Титану схватить Габриэля.

Zobek: Give me your dagger, quickly!

После смерти Ледяного титана в полуразрушенной заиденелой беседке неподалеку Габриэль видит как собираются некие силы и поспешив туда воин встречается с духом собственной жены Мари.

Gabriel: Marie! Forgive me. I was not there to save you.
Marie: There is nothing to forgive, my love... I am so happy to look upon your face again...
Gabriel: And I yours... My love, the Elder of the Order hope that you can help us to understand what is happening... the worlds has been isolated from the Heavens. Some belive that God has abandoned us. Can it be true?
Marie: I feel that... that the spirits are trying to talk to me. They whisper things to me... It is hard to understand them all. It... it is so dark, so many people crying. I cannot find them in the blackness. I'm scared... There is something else... A shadow is o my mind. Yo must help us, Gabriel.
Gabriel: What are they telling you? Who are "They?"
Marie: They are the Spirits who founded your Order… And that the power of the Lords of Shadow is the key. They talk of a prophecy… I don’t understand what they mean… I can feel myself fading… I can hardly see you… darkness is closing around me. I love you, Gabriel…
Gabriel: No… Marie, don’t go! Marie!... I love you too…
Тем временем к Габриэлю неподвижно застывшему в каменной беседке медленно приближается Зобек.
Zobek: I am Zobek, a warrior of your Brotherhood. Pan and I old acquaintences.
Gabriel: Hmm… I have heard of you. I am sorry. My name is Belmont.
Zobek: I know who you are. Was that the spirit of someone you know?
Gabriel: Yes, it was… my wife…
Zobek: Forgive me; I couldn’t help but overhear what she told you. It sounds like the Spirit who founded our Order are trying to tell us something very important through her.
Gabriel: What do you mean?
Zobek: Only that the founders of the order seem to be using the dead to communicate with us. The prophesy has been secret for many centuries. It is know only to a select few. THAY managed to tell her somehow. Praise be to God!
Gabriel: What prophesy?
Zobek: It is written that a pure-hearted warrior will claim the power of the Lords of Shadow as his own and use it in order to overcome all evil. It is said this warrior would become God’s vassal on Earth… supremely powerful… He could do anything… The founding spirits have not abandoned us, Gabriel! Thanks to your Marie, we know there is some hope. We have to enter the lands of the Dark lords, you and I… We must reclaim the powers they hold and unite the Heavens with this world once more and… Don’t you see, Gabriel? You can bring her back!
Gabriel: If what you say is true, then we need to work quickly and in secret. The Lords of Shadows must not suspect we are on teir trail or they will turn all of their attention towards us. We should take different routes you and I… I will head for the Land of Lycans. You leave for the territory of the Vampires and prepare the way… Then we go onto the Lord of the Necromancers together… his realm lies furthest.
Zobek: Take this. It will allow you to absorb spiritual energy and will help cure your wounds. Good luck, my friend. May we be granted victory.
Gabriel: Thank you, Brother. You have given me renewed hope.

Part 6 Enchanted Forest

We part ways, he and I. My instincts tell me he is filled with hope, a hope that will drive him ever onwards. Good. Perhaps he is the one, a warrior of pure heart who can deliver us from all evil... perhaps. I wonder what went through his mind when he saw her there, his beloved. Did he see his dreams or did he see his future blown away like leaves on the wind? I spy him as he heads out towards the reaches of Pan's influence. A forest lies to the east that leads to the land of the Lycan. The ruin of an ancient civilization is there, forgotten and decaying. Once a proud testament to man's ingenuity and vision, it has now been conquered by Nature, as she claim all things for her own.

Part 7 Underground Caves

He is becoming stronger with every step he takes; his prowess in battle is undeniable. He will need it now. Goblins are one thing, but there are other creatures in the dark places of the world, creatures who know nothing of his plight but fight for their very survival. Many fallen brothers are testament to this; indeed, their bleached bones adorn the tortuous tunnel in this God-forsaken place. He runs ever onward into peril. I wonder who the prey is and who is the hunted; perhaps when the time comes these creatures will know fear as they look into the eye of their quarry. Go my friend, save your live!

Part 8 Labyrinth Entrance

So, he has found another of Gandolfi's upgrades? This was unforeseen, though it should prove useful in the challenges to come. The lost city of Agharta looms before him. I wonder if you know what truly lies ahead for you, Gabriel... what God has in store for you? The land of the Lycans! This ruined city now belong to their Lord, and you to pass without forfeiture of your life. But in order to bring her back, you need to defeat him, my friend. You need to crush him into the dust... like the worm that he is.

Part 9 Waterfalls of Agharta

This ancient city occupies many layers, each one being the foundation for the next. It is a labyrinthine maze of dead ends and forgotten walkways. Danger lurks around every corner. He has shown great resilience but this journey will take him longer than anticipated and deeper than any man has ever ventured in centuries. He will need all his wits to find an alternative route into the heart of the City... were his destiny awaits him!

Part 10 Agharta

Agharta was once one of the greatest cities of the ancient world but it didn’t take long to fail, under the onslaught of the dark Lord. The Lycans were innumerable and the city was razed to the ground. The Necromantic Wars, as they were known, destroyed the advanced technologies that the Aghartians had closely guarded. Eventually the Titans fell and then the people were massacred one by one or were turned into beasts subservient to their new conqueror. None now remain to tell the tale…

Здесь происходит первая встреча с неизвестной девушкой, которой Габриэль кричит "Подожди!", но так и не получает ответа.

Part 11 Dark Dungeon

Who is this strange girl? Surely she could not have survived alone in this hell hole? Gabriel follows her deep into the depths of the city. I wonder where she is leading him. It is strange. I hear no words and yet it seems Gabriel is communicating with her in some way... Something tells me she has a part to pay in all of this...

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Lords of Shadow

После прохождения музыкальной шкатулки у меня сложилось стойкое ощущение, что "главный рассказчик" прибив Бабу Ягу и пожелав после этого встретится с Габриэлем хочет перекинуть на последнего какие-то опостылевшие обязаности. Надо думать присмотрел Темный Лорд переемника.

*Чуть позднее*
Так как до конца я еще игрушку не прошел, а пересматривая начальные диалоги понял, что Зобек вызывает некоторое недоверие. Он ведь по-сути дал настоящую наводку Габриэлю. А отсылки на Пана это так. Для виду ) Со спойлерами я не дружу, в последний ролик на ютубе совать нос раньше времени вовсе не собираюсь, поэтому пока буду считать обозначенного персонажа шкатулкой с двойным дном. Развлекусь этим )

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Lords of Shadow

Да, я долго ждал эту игру. По крайней мере на данном моменте прохождения она полностью оправдывает мои ожидания. Поэтому в качестве морального отдыха размещу пожалуй тут филиал любителя-переводчика.

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День выдался добрым и приятным. Посему с таким же чувством приветствую не только самого себя на данном ресурсе, но и всех тут уже присутствующих.

В качестве эпиграфа черкну пару слов о себе: в меру общителен, в меру приветлив. На людей не бросаюсь, люблю поспать (нет не на клавиатуре), здесь зарегистрировался, можно сказать, случайно т.к. искал ресурс на котором я бы мог воплотить одну идею. Что у меня получится - посмотрим, а пока пожелаю самому себе удачи и упорства.

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