2008-11-25 в 21:24 

Hours of daily sleep:

24 - zombie.
12 - life is shit, nothing has a meaning
9 - ive got so many problems in my life, life is so short
8 - whoa ive got an extra hour to sleep, yay! next time party harder
7 - i feel romantic, but i dont believe in love
6 - i feel so refreshed, im so cool im just like a cyborg
5 - whoa, this shit was good
4 - fucking idiots, fuck, why couldnt the bus come fucking faster
3 - enlightenment is near, i dont think people need to sleep at all
2 - "pillow!"
1 - "coffee!!"
0 - zombie.

2008-11-26 в 00:24 

ahahhaha i like how it starts and ends with 'zombie' :laugh:
where did you get that?

2008-11-26 в 05:07 

the place is called my head, as always.
it was just trying to say you dont get enough sleep =)

2008-11-26 в 07:00 

Иссё no... i dont get enough sleep, plus i was really depressed and anxious lately... you can tell probably... =(

2008-11-26 в 07:37 

frumoasa i can tell, but im still expecting for the unfinished call :P

Btw i figured how to fix the macbook i need to have it in my disposition for a day or so.

2008-11-27 в 02:49 

Иссё cool! when do you wanna come get it? im not home tmrw after school... friday? or today? i could meet you somewhere


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