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Interview with She Is Danger

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1 The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favourite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )

Lena: Busy which is a good thing. Feeling very creative. Using all the crazy moods I get into the music we’re making. Its my release.
Maya: I'm very well thank you! and pretty excited about where this year is going to take us.

2 Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited) How do you describe yourself to people who never heard about She Is Danger? Why this danger name you chosen? )

Lena: Since me and Maya met we’ve made a lot of music. Whenever we meet we make a new tune. We’re both big dub lovers and play a lot of instruments so between us we have a lot of ideas flowing. As well as having a lot in common we are also very different which is why it works to bring all our influences together. Why She Is Danger? Choosing a band name can be tricky but this one just popped out in conversation and we felt it summed up what we do … The opposite to danger is safe and our music is defiantly not that. We incorporate a lot of darkness in our sound. And lets face it women are dangerous creatures

3 It's really interesting, How did you meet? When started your musical career?

Lena: Through a friendship circle… It’s not often you meet a girl who has so many skills so it made sense to unite forces and see where it would lead.
Maya: From the first collaboration we did, we knew the creative chemistry was good. Since it worked so well, we decided to join forces and have been working together seriously for the last year and a half or so. We have so much material now and we never come out of a session without a new track.

4 What's it like to be a female duo on the stage that had captured by male? We have many female act in dubstep scene like Ikonika, Cooly G, but they make an "girls-sound", when you make a real harsh dubstep.

Lena: Its all about bringing a female approach into music and not relying on anyone else. We like harsh but generally prefer warmer sounds. To me music is a vice to escape and when I perform I just let go. We only have to look at each other to know what each other is thinking.
Our music is always evolving. We don’t want to be labelled as one particular genre as the more music we make the more we find our own niche no-one elses. Its so important to generate fresh sounds.
Maya: yeah we don't really want to pigeon hole ourselves. I guess our audience can decide what they wanna call it if they really wanna label us.

5 When do you understood, that you want (and can) make a music?

Maya: I've been producing music since I was 15. I'm 22 now so that's 7 years. Ever since I started, I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life and haven't looked back since.
Lena: I’ve been making music forever. I played in bands since school days and created 2 albums. I just always knew what I wanted to do.

6 Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases, remixes. (After "Hurt You" EP) Maybe some facts about your LP ?

Our massive Attack Remix of “Girl I Love You” has just been released and other remixes we’ve done are up on line. We’ve recorded a lot of tunes and have chosen the best ones for the album. It may be “Come With Me” and a cover of Eurythmics' “Who’s That Girl’ next in the pipeline.

7 The sound of your tracks and your remixes are very different. In what style will be your album

bass and song orientated with a minimal approach. Trippy sounds with splashes of colour from electronic warped and organic sounds.

8 You looks like a brutal women... But you are from London - city of fasion... Do You follow the fashion trends in clothing or dress in comfortable?

Maya: Yes I'm brutal indeed! Haha no I'm nice really. But only to nice people! As for fashion, I'm not really one to follow trends. I dress myself however the hell I want to really. What I wear is important to me as it's an expression of myself.
Lena: I guess there are a lot of trends in London. I like to mix and match and custom clothes. I dress how I feel and I feel different most days.

9 How could you describe your music? What colour or smell?

Maybe silver and purple because I love those colours. Maybe the ocean at night

10 Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

Lena: It varies I’m hearing new people all the time. I’m stearing towards sounds which are new and not a recycled copy of older styles… some do stick out like Sigur Ros, Burial, Martyn and Rhythm and Sound.
Maya: As a DJ as well as producer I like to keep my ears open to a lot of different sounds all the time. When it comes to electronic dance music, I'm more into the underground/experimental stuff as opposed to the commercial side of things. I'm not into producers that just follow trends. I respect any producers that have their own sound and aren't afraid to be different. I generally listen to a lot of different things though. I'm influenced by a lot of different genres and get bored just listening to select things.

11 Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favourite artists and albums.

Lena: I’ve listened a lot to Jazz, Soul, Funk, Dub, Reggae, Trip-hop, and so much more the ones that come to my head now are: Airto, Grace Jones, Betty Davis, Bob Marley, Tori Amos and Bjork,…. oh the list could go on forever. I tend to have my ears open and soak it all in and sometimes I just turn music off and listen to the world around me.
Maya: My parents' music tastes were very diverse so I grew up hearing all kinds of sounds from Dub, Reggae and Punk to Jazz and World Music. In my early teen years I listened to a LOT of hip hop. I loved Missy and Timbaland, Nas, Pharcyde and a lot of old school Hip Hop like A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets etc. I also started getting more into things like Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, House and Techno.

12 Write some words about place, where you make a music. Whats things you use to make a music?

Lena: We go round to each others flats. When I go on the tube to Maya’s I take my keyboard, effects and melodica. We’ve made music in squats I’ve lived in and other community spaces like in what use to be church but is now an arts space. It has got a great vibe especially at night
Maya: I make nearly all of my music in my flat. I use Logic and just work on a pretty basic set up. You can have all the equipment in the world, but if you don't have the ideas then it's useless.

13 Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Lena: I’ve never been to Russia and would very much love to. Thank you for the invitation
Maya: Hopefully soon!

14 And last question...: "If you have a chance to change something in your life, what it's be?"

Lena: Nothing. Without the suffering I would not be who I am today.
Maya: Definitely wouldn't change anything as every part of my life is what makes me who I am. But there's plenty of things around the world that I would change if I could.

15 And... can you write some words to your Russian fans?

Lena: We’re coming and we want to party with you
Maya: I heard Russians are party animals. Definitely coming to join you sometime.

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Interview with Rudi Zygadlo

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. Who am I?

Menya zovut Rudi Zygadlo. Ya zhivu v Glasgow, Scotland. Mnye dvadsat odin god.

2. Atmosphere for composition?

All the music in the album Great Western Laymen was written, recorded and produced in my bedroom. Its a banal setting but i guess it has become an atmospheric requisite for me to write, in the way that I do. My work desk faces the window which faces Great Western Road, referred to in the in album's title so there's an immediate connection there. From my window I can see two big churches which may also have helped me (immaculately) conceive the ecclesiastical themes inherent in the lyrics. But there were other reasons for that too.

I like writing at night. There's conspiratorial feeling of making heavy electronic music with headphones while everyone's asleep. You wake up and often don't quite understand what you've done, until night returns and you can resume the conspiracy. I don't know quite how much i mean that, but its a romantic idea.

3. What' coming out?

A single in March and a 13 track album Great Western Laymen in April with planet Mu. Its really great.

I am currently working on the score and a libretto for an operetta, the music of which will form the basis of a second album. I don't know how seriously Mike @ mu is taking the project and I doubt it will ever see a stage production but i like the idea of the medium nonetheless. The subject matter is dubious.

4. Blogs?

I don't really know much about blogs. No one knows me so i havn't come across my music on one. I don't think i'll have any new arguments about the positive and negatives effects of them. They devalue music but get it circulated. Even the most underground music is ubiquitous in its availability now. So Good and bad.

5. Present condition of electronic music?

Im not much of a commentator on electronic music. I am very selective and it only constitutes a little part of my music collection.

When a new genre of music like dubstep for example or a unique artist emerges, its something to get excited about. But if its popular, its plagiarized. So i guess I look for novelty in music whatever the genre and hope that it stays relatively underground. In truth, I'm not the biggest fan of dubstep. But there are definately some really good dubstep producers out there who do something unique with genre.

I always saw the potential in the genre for more interesting things and for the last few years I had a form of music in my head which used some of the fundamental characteristics of dubstep and merged them with classical, jazz and pop structures taking away the monotony. The way Eero Johannes toyed with dubstep on his album for planet mu, I particularly enjoyed. (That introduced me to Skweee) Listening to Eero really inspired me to do something with the genre myself and try and create the the sonic fusion i had in my head.

6. Influential artists since childhood?

As the youngest of four, many of my musical tastes stem from my parent's and older sibling's tastes. As far as classical music goes, I've been really influenced by my Dad. I like chamber music, and music for solo instruments. String quartes and Cello suites. Generally speaking from eastern Europe and Russia. Dvorak, Janacek, Martinu, Shnitka, Shostakovich, Chopin, Schubert... and J S Bach obviously. The idea of composing an electronic setting for the latin mass was inspired by centuries of classical composers doing the same with an acoustic symphonic pallet. This was the original idea for Great Western Laymen but i lost patience. I listen to a lot of jazz too, I used to love 70's fusion, but then i reverted back to more traditional styles. I like Prog. And interesting New Romantic stuff like Japan. I have been an unhealthy fan of Frank Zappa, the whole works, for years. From my my mother's love affair with Joni mitchell's music I explored that side of things. Really enjoy contemporary american folk music too: Joanna Newsom - Ys was one of my favourite albums of 2006. Smog, Bonnie Prince Billy. I like a whole heap of bands. To name a few - Volcano, Deerhoof, Chrome hoof, Animal Collective. Math Rock stuff like Hella. Good French electro, disco. Warp Records, Planet mu. Veterans like Mu-ziq, Aphex and Squarepusher. And a heap more stuff. It's all influenced me in some way. I am very grateful to Radio 3. Programs like Composer of the week, In Tune and Late Junctions are truly amazing.

7. What do I know about Russian Culture?

As Rudi Mikhail Zygadlo, I'm named after two Russians! The dancers, Rudolph Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

I know a bit about Russia. Its a wondrous place with a tricky history and i'd very much like to visit. I studied Slavonic studies at university which is basically modern history, literature and film from Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia. I have a keen interest in Russian literature. Pushkin, Gogol, Pasternak, Bulgakov Solzhenitsyn, Yevtushenko. Music, I like Shostakovich, Stravinksi and Prokofiev.

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Interview with Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited)

Why did you choose this name? whether it is associated with the release of the cartoon 'Fantastic Mr Fox'?

I’m good thanks, I’m a 21 year old student from Wolverhampton, studying in Manchester and making lots of music in my spare time. The name choice came about quite a few years before the film, it comes from a story tape of the Roald Dahl story I found during a search round my house looking for ideas for what to use to name a music myspace I’d just set up. Really enjoyed the film adaption though!

2. Your music is very atmospheric. Tell me please, what the atmosphere is formed around you, when you make a music?
Its usually a mixture of manipulated samples & midi. I tend to have stupid amounts of layers in my music- usually up until the point cubase stops working so I have to stop adding sounds. I’ve always loved more layered music, songs like “windowlicker” by aphex twin or “idioteque” by Radiohead

3. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.
There’s quite a few things lined up, first will be my EP “Sketches” on Black Acre recordings, which also features a remix of the title track by Sbtrkt. There’ll also be a track I produced with Rich Reason called “Larry David” which will be coming out with a Sukh Knight remix of another tracks of ours called “Fall (also out on Black Acre). There’s a couple of other things but I’m keeping them secret for now!

4. What do you think about blogs? How do you react if you accidentally find a blog, which posted your songs?
For a small artist like myself, the majority of the time being featured on blogs can only be a positive thing. I also think its great that the internet has given so many music writers the chance to get their work seen, for example there’s a wicked English music blog called Sonic Router (give it a google). Obviously if a blog was explicitly giving my music away for free without permission it would be a different story, but that hasn’t happened yet!

5. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music. In particular about dubstep (or other experimental electronic). I read a lot of criticism over what is now happening with style.
I think its in amazing condition, it seems like 130-140bpm template and the extremely loose genre title of “dubstep”seems to have brought together all the producers that weren’t quite fitting in to techno, hip-hop, drum & bass etc and given them a new lease of life. The result is a ridiculous amount of amazing music, every week I seem to discover someone new.

6. who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?
And who will blast music scene on 2010? )

There’s loads of really exciting new acts but in particular I’d say James Blake, Blue Daisy & Airhead

7. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.
The Most influential albums would probably be…
Radiohead – Kid A
Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein
Madvillain – Madvillainy
RJD2 – Deadringer
Burial – Untrue
Fbcfabric & Reindeer - It's not who you know, it's whom you know

8. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music? )
Sadly I’m pretty lacking in knowledge of Russian culture, get someone to book me to play and then I can be informed of all the Russian music and culture I’ve missed out on!

9. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.
I didn’t know I had any Russian fans? But if there is any of you out there, then thanks for the support and hopefully I’ll get to fly over and play one day.

Translate and Sketches EP review: electrocircle.ru/2010/01/interview-fantastic-mr...


Interview with Blue Daisy

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )

I'm doing good thanks, just getting in the festive spirit and that, you know..

2. Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited) How do you discribe yourself to people who never heard about Blue Daisy?
Why this name "Blue Daisy" ?

I don't describe myself to people, I can't describe myself to people, I just lead them to my myspace to make a judgment for themselves, that's the only way, Plus I'm pretty shy and don't communicate unless I really have to..Haha..

Blue Daisy came about at a time where I was searching for a new name as my sound was transcending into a new realm so too I thought I needed a name that would work with it.. After a lot of brainstorming I still round up with nothing until one day I was walking through my local park and came across a flower that looked like a Daisy(don't know if it was) but nevertheless it seemed to stand out amongst all the other flowers around it, in it's own patch of grass, at this point my poetic instincts kicked in and I interpreted this to be a sign of individuality. Amongst repeated action there stands that autonomous individual who chooses not to follow but prefers to remain an outcast in society, a product of it's own, the grass which he stands is green which can only represent greatness of things to come.. That's a shortened version of why I operate under the guise of Blue Daisy.

3. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.

Ahh, I've got so many plans for the future, some which still remain plans and some which have molded into reality, one being the completion of my collaboration full length with LaNote (Space ex vocalist) which we hope to drop by mid 2010 on Black Acre, this project is called La Fleur Bleue, which means "The Blue Flower" in french, Also got my next release in January(date not confirmed) but that is a release that features an amazing talent from Birghton Anneka, check her at myspace.com/annekamusic , she's awesome.. This release consists of two tracks we have worked on so far and a remix, I'm excited about this release, should be a good one..
Got another project in the working with my boi HeyZues(ObbaSupa) check him at myspace.com/hey2themister
And so much more in 2010 that you'll just have to wait and see.. : )

4. Maybe you will try to make a music on different styles? Trance or Rock Opera? ) Your Strings Detached EP is much different than Space Ex, more experimental. What is the reason of sound changes

Haha, Rock opera sounds like a plan in due time..But yeah, I'm always experimenting new styles, I don't like to box myself in one sound, it gets boring after a while, but also because I make music that represents how I feel at a certain time, so if I feel angry you'll know by the kind of tracks I make, same way if I feel peaceful etc. So the sound change is not me trying to be something I am not it is merely the way I felt at the time of making the EP. I want to surprise the listener at all times, I don't the listener to know whats coming next..Where's the excitement in that.. It's like knowing what your presents are for christmas at the beginning of the year, whats the point, there's no fun in that is there ??.

5. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?

My music is hard to describe.. But ‘Imagine yourself in a box, a normal four-by-four box, and you’re sitting in there, and you’ve got little holes to breathe….and different atmospheres are coming in- you’ve got the cold air coming in, the hot air coming in, and it overwhelms you. You pass out and wake up again in the same box, but that box becomes a new world. So now, where you’re sitting, it’s not a box anymore, the box becomes what you want it to be- it becomes your world, a world of fantasy, a gateway to peace. And that’s what I try to represent in my music; you’re listening to my music but I don’t want you to just listen to it, I want it to grab you and take you on a ride of fantasy and delusion.’

6. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music? )

Ha, Nothing my friend.. Though I have heard that russians drink vodka to keep warm or the heal from colds and stuff..haha..I don't know how true that is but I like that picture..Haha..

7. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

Electronic music is strong right about now, it's competitive and keeps one on their toes, there so many good stuff that has come out in 2009 its quite nuts.. Though some artists/producers who I'll rep all day are Eglo's Floating Points,Illum Sphere , Architeq, James Blake, King Cannibal, Golau Glau (Watch these guys trust me www.myspace.com/golauglau ) Shuanise, KidKanevil.. The list can go on but lets stop there..But lets not obviously 4get my Black Acre fam, Akira Kiteshi and Fantastic Mr Fox...

8. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.

To honest I wasn't a youngster who was into music, I was a real road rat..haha.. I was just interested in girls and fights..haha.. But at this moment in time I listen to a lot of Grouper, Fever Ray, Soap and Skin, Wildbirds and Peachdrums, Peter Broderick, Damon Albarn, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin.. To many, this list can go on 4ever..haha

9. When do you understood, that you want (and can) make a music?

I got into making music when I was around 18 after listening to Kanye West's 1st album College Dropout..Finny considering my sound is nothing like that..haha.. But yeah, I just (like a million other producers) did the whole late nights, missing classes and all that stuff just to make music.. Kinda made me a recluse, I think I still am..haha.. Trust me, I plan to build a house in the middle of nowhere one day and just make music..No joke.. Maybe in the middle of a forest of something..haha

10. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Once an invite has been put to me I'll be over there like a bullet..

11. And last question...: "If you have a chance to change something in your life, what it's be?"

I'll change the hands of time and wish that I got into music earlier rather than playing the fool in the streets

12. Because this article will publish on New Year eve, can you write some words to russuan people? Maybe congratulate with the new year?

Thank you to all my fans in russia for their support.. Much love and go into the new year with the heart of a warrior and DRINK A LOT OF VODKA..HAHAHAHA..!!..ZZZOOPPP...!!

Blue Daisy..

Translate and music: electrocircle.ru/2010/01/interview-blue-daisy/


Interview with SHARKSLAYER

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
hello paul

1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited)

SHARKSLAYER is actually 2 guys, Sir Nenis & DJ Pushups, who also
produce & dj for the TOP BILLIN collective (www.topbillinmusic.com).
We started the Sharkslayer project because we wanted to incorporate
the dubbed out bass-heavy sounds with modern-day tech house (and blend
some caribian vibes in naturally).... And it's been all good. Some
fresh air to the club sounds... We've been both djing & producing for
several years and we do all styles, from house to dubstep, from rave
to reagge. And we don't hunt actual sharks, only the business sharks
that usually ruin every good thing in music.

2. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?

Sometimes pretty dark & grimey but also uplifting and jackin. We try
to infuse so many things we hear daily like "oh, check that uk funky
beat, definitely need to use something similar in the next track", and
we love so many different music styles, so it would be stupid to limit
ourselves to only 1 thing. But what we need is bass, we all need, we
live off it. While listening to a Lee Scratch Perry album, we think
how dope he was, then we pick up a DJ Sneak record and think how dope
HE was and it all comes together in a beautiful way.

3. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.

We've been working on our new 'Swamp Dubs' EP that will bring some
good classic southern soul & tech house vibes together, that's will
drop in early 2010. On the remix front there's a remix out now for
Little Jinder (Trouble&Bass) and for our
Scandinavian-friends-cum-Los-Angeles-band Steed Lord. Remixes for Dim
Mak & Southern Fried records will drop next month, as well as a riddim
remix for Jamtech & Sizzla (!). All these have got a lot of bass,

4. What do you think about blogs? How do you react if you accidentally find a blog, which posted your songs?

We don't get mad, blogs are just one way of promotion, we prefer
people to have our songs instead of us holding on to the mp3... I
mean, sharing to some extent is all good, but it's not a good look to
share entire discographies etc. I think that if you're a blogger, pls
take the moment to include the link where to buy the rest of the
artist's tracks, like a Beatport link. You know, the buddhist middle
way works in this too...

5. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music? I read a lot of criticism over what is now happening with style.

Ah, it all goes in cycles. At one point style X is popular, and styles
Y & Z aren't. Then people start to get bored of style X and want to
hear more style Y in club music, after that fades, then style Z takes
over.... and the cycle keeps on repeating itself. People seem so
easily bored nowadays, always wanting something 'different'. But for
the current state of electronic music, it's more alive than it has
ever been, more talented producers, more djs, better clubs! It's easy
to think that things we're better back in the day but they weren't,
it's an illusion that you create in your mind when there's changes in
the world (and humans instictively avoid change).

6. who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?
And who will blast scene on 2010?

Personally we've been really interested in the new dubstep & funky
producers. The dutch-styled house guys we're big this year, and I
suspect them to make it even bigger (Afrojack making tracks for
Pitbull and so on). You know Giant from St. Petersburg? They will make
it big in 2010! They got releases on dubstep labels like Dub Police
and now we've heard some of their house stuff, and it's awesome,
they're definitely on the top of the list for us.

7. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.

Do you know a song 'Remember To Remember' by Rick Holmes? This song
has all the names of the artists we listened when growing up... Look
it up in Youtube and enjoy 9 minutes of soul bliss and learn names
that made it important.

8. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music?

Sure, we love Russia, always a pleasure to visit! Moscow and St Peter
and of course favorite cities because we've never been anywhere else.
Food is great, Seljanka, Pelmeni and vodka for hours. For Russian
music, can't really tell from older artists, because lot of stuff
didn't penetrate to west back in the day, but for modern artists we
like Proxy of course and Giant that we already mentioned. Defintely
want to find more, because we think that soon there's a lot of great
producers coming from Russia.

9. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Right now we don't have a booking for Russia, but ask your local
promoter to email sharxlayer@gmail.com and request a gig.

10. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.

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heartsrevolution interview

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited)

I'm GREAT!! So tired from the tour and adjusting to the time zone here at home. About me..hmm I am Lo, a scorpio. The best there is, haha! I want love from everyone, and peace in the world. People say I am crazy, they are probably right.

2. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.

We are in the process of recording our 1st full length album, it's called "Ride or Die".
13 tracks and we are making a video for each track! The album is due spring 2010.
All of that is taking lots of time, (probably why I am so late to reply, don't hate me!)
And also new merch and collabs for our webstore.

3. Please, say some words about cancellation of your gig on "the Modern Sky" in Beijing? Maybe you will be able to clarify why this happened? (We live on Far East and want to travel to China on your gig) What are your thoughts about this?

The beijing government decided that no outside performers were aloud. Thats about it.
Oh, and we were supposed to not talk about it....Or they won't ever let us in the country....
But, I don't care. I was so sad! We really wanted to play Beijing. It was one of the main reasons we did the Diesel World Tour

4. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?

Our music is magical, The color is obviously pink, maybe some sparkle in there! Flowers?
I do love flowers...maybe Peonies? They are my favorite!

5. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music? )

I know they are great ballerinas, ha and also one of my favorite artists is from Russia, Doping Pong. Lately I have been reading about human trafficking and the Russian mob.
Pretty crazy stuff! Russian women are some of the most beautiful on earth but the stories
are so sad...

6. Do you have any Japanese roots, or you just really love Japan? You sing in Japanese on C.Y.O.A., the name of one song (from Kitsune 7) in Japanese write, the latest EP is named Heart Japan, that you can say about it?

Ever since I was a kid I was in love with anime, japanese toys and culture.
CYOA! Was our 1st song..I thought it would be awesome to bring revolution and chaos to Japan a country that thrives on structure and order. The youth in Japan are wild and they love dance music so 3 years after we started things
are finally happening there for us. We have an EP that came out last month in Japan only. It's called "Heartsrevolution hearts Japan ep"

7. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

I really dont like electronic music, but we really love " Jackson and his computer band"
He makes amazing music and we respect what he does. It is strange...ever since Justice
it seems the world is all making copy cat music. People seem to scared to create what they love and believe in so they try and follow the formula of the ones who have gone before them...

8. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.

The strokes are my favorite band. Ben loves them too. I grew up on riot grrrl music, punk and hip hop.
Growing up in Los Angeles those were the things that were popular back then. We both share a love for classic 60's music, girl groups, motown...We don't really listen to new music but Julian Casablancas from the Strokes just released a new side project called Phrazes for the Young that is pretty amazing!!

9. What do you think about blogs? How do you react if you accidentally find a blog, which posted your songs?

Im flattered that people are still posting things since we really havent given anything new to them in a bit. Sharing music doesn't bother us. If we had it our way we would give our music away for free. We look to more innovative ways to make money to survive, with the ice cream trucks, our online store, touring, etc.

10. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Um we dont but you never know! Aww we love our Russian fans! I hope we come in 2010! Thanks for your interest in our project...

11. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.

Russia we love you and your amazing energy! We cant wait to come and share a good time with you one day!!!

Interview on Russian with songs: electrocircle.ru/2009/11/heartsrevolution/


2562: Interview

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Not bad, thank you :) It’s a busy time with a lot of gigs coming up and the album coming out soon, but I’m looking forward to the moment it’s released.

2. Tell about what we need to wait. Something about future releases. Tell us some words about your new album? What is his mood?
The album is called Unbalance and will be out early November. It will sound very different from previous releases, less ‘electronic’… most of it is sample based, a bit like a collage. During the creation I often listened to late 70’s/early 80’s disco and funk and that vibe crept into the album.

3. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?
Last 2562 album Aerial was greyscale (like one of the track titles). The new one, Unbalance, to me feels like a deep, blood red. Like a journey inside the human body. The human body as a parallel universe, a micro-galaxy you can travel in.

4. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music?
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

For me, some modern musicians that are doing very good things are Actress, Martyn and Shed. Many more too, but I can’t list them all :)

5. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.
Recently music produced by people like Arthur Russell and Leroy Burgess really inspired me. Quality disco and boogie stuff… and generally, I’ve always listened to house and techno a lot, since I was a kid.

6. Your music is very atmospheric. Tell me please, what the atmosphere is formed around you, when you make a music?
The place where I make music doesn’t really matter to me; the atmosphere is not depending on the city I live in or the room I produce in. It’s what’s going on in my head that dictates the vibe. Past year has been very hectic for me, maybe the music on Unbalance reflects that. It’s a bit moody, restless… more dense, less spatial.

7. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.
That’s sweet :-) I was in Russia for two gigs November last year, in Moscow and Tyumen. It was a very speedy trip, only 48 hours, but it was a great experience. The organisers and party-people in both places were really kind and music-minded. It would be cool to visit again some day.

8. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.
You are the best party people. Keep on dancing!

Перевод и новый альбом: electrocircle.ru/2009/10/dubstep-%d0%b7%d0%b0%d...

@темы: Dubstep


Электрокружок 3.

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Извините, что опять... Но, все таки, хочу обратить ваше внимание...


И вот вам 7 инвайтов.



Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur / Smoke Rings EP

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

В такие моменты хочется цитировать Дебору Морган, ведь именно она может ввернуть фразочку, типа "ЕБАААААТЬ!!!" так элегантно, остро и метко, описывая саму суть вещи.
Думаю, вы помните этого милого парня с приятнейшим для русского уха именем. Он попадался на компиляции от лейбла Trouble & Bass, но признаться, думал, что это очередная клюква и америкосы взяли слово, которое так часто слышат от русских (а теперь каждый день проверяю на ихспейсе, не зарегистрирован ли какой-нибудь музыкант, с псевдонимом idinahyj, ведь у нас же уже есть ebola), но, как оказалось Удачи на самом деле зовут Гриша и он из Харькова, променял сало на чизбургеры.

В общем, ИПишка получилась крайне позитивной, напряженной и диковатой. Гриша очень ловко склеивает вибрирующий басс, олсдкульный настрой и насмехающийся вокал. А ремиксы... В ремиксах и "сегодняшний" дабстеп, и эйсид звучание и... просто нужно слушать. Крайне крутая работа, с которой необходимо ознакомиться.

Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur EP
Label: Nightshifters
320 | 75 MB

1. Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Orginal Mix)
2. Udachi & Jubilee - Smoke Rings (Original Mix)
3. Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Cardopusher Remix)
4. Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Grahm Zilla Remix)
5. Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur feat. The Kid Daytona (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
6. Udachi & Jubilee - Smoke Rings (Dre Skull Remix)
7. Udachi & Jubilee - Smoke Rings (LunaC Remix)


А на бонус у нас сегодня микс от Удачи, который я храню и давно собирался поделиться, и вот, наконец, выдался случай. Променяю свои восторженные слова на красочный трек-лист. Работает Григорий качественно и имеет отличный вкус. Многие треки - эксклюзивны, а наличие таких имен, как AC Slater, Nadastrom, Kanji Kinetic и B. Rich должны уже пробудить в вас желание остановить все закачки и отдать приоритет этому миксу для сайта nickydigital.com.

1) Flying Lotus Intro
2) Boltan ft J. Blum - Nine to Five [Party Like Us Records]
3) Jack Beats - Get Down [Music Response Records]
4) Edu K - Raver Lovin (Nadastrom Remix) [Sweat it Out]
5) The Prodigy - Everybody in the Place (AC Slater Remix)
6) Tha Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (A1 Bassline Remix) [Ninja Tune]
7) Djedjotronic ft. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (Congorock Remix) [Boysnoize Records]
8) Hot Pink Delorean ft Fantastadon - Party Favour [Hunnypot Records]
9) Mightyfoolz - Amsterdam (AC Slater Remix) [Venga Digital]
10) Mike V - Feelings [Mad Decent]
11) Jackbeats ft Dynamite MC - What [Cheaper Thrills]
12) Udachi and Jubilee - Paypur [Nighshifters]
13) Egyptrixx - All That Jelly
14) Udachi - JellyRoll [Trouble and Bass]
15) Rico Tubbs - New Flava
16) Steve Angelo and Laidback Luke ft Robin S - Show Me Love (AC Slater Remix) [DATA]
17) Rico Tubbs - It Gets No Better (Udachi Remix)
18) DeVille - Quente Demais (Kanji Kinetic Remix) [Senseless]
19) AudioDakt - Ghetto Nonsense (Udachi Remix) [Traktor]
20) Squire of Gothos - Sandpaper Riddim [Electrostimulation Records]
21) AC Slater - Calm Down [Trouble and Bass]
22) Zeppy Zep - Quality
23) B. Rich - Ball Harder [Party Like Us Records]
24) Sizzla - Marijuana
25) Bass Nectar - Heads Us (California Style)

Pre Party Jamz | Volume 37 | Udachi - Прямая ссылка.

@темы: UK Garage, Techno, Minimal, House, Fidget, Electro, Dubstep, Breaks, Bassline



Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Chase & Status - End Credits VIP / Is It Worth It VIP

Label: RAM Records
Catalog#: RAMM 79
Format: Vinyl, 12", Promo, 45 RPM
Country: UK
Released: 03 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass

A End Credits VIP (Featuring - Plan B)
AA Is It Worth It VIP


let the holywar begin

@темы: Drum and Bass


Помните Uffie?

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Может, вы ее и забыли, но она помнит про вас. Она все еще холит и лелеет в голове мысль о мировом господстве, и если бы не она, мы бы давно жили счастливой семьей вместе с Рас_Кексом (а она, сучка, соперница...).
Ее альбом «Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans» появится в начале 2010. Его продюсировали Feadz, Mr Oizo, SebastiAn и Busy P (вспоминается поговорка... у семи нянек - четырнадцать сисек!) и крутейший чувак Pharrell Williams.
И вот, новое видео на старую песню, которое (представляете?) не снимал So Me. Почему я смотрю, а в голове вертится слово "лилиален"?

@темы: France, Electro, Ed Banger, Video


ShitMix №3 : Dance against Depression.

как же все плохо у меня последнее время.
а две недели назад это еще и усугубилось поломкой интернета.
что бы совсем не загнутся я начал ваять новый микс.
вы ведь знаете, музыка может помочь от чего угодно, и уж депрессии тем более.
хотя бы на эти 40 минут... он поможет повеселится и потанцевать.
а потом опять эти сучьи проблемы... но так ведь и лучше. так должно быть.
если всю жизнь танцевать и веселится то забудешь всю ценность этого...
ну ладно. нахуй эти размышления. поговорить просто не с кем...

консервативные Streetlab, любящие миксовать классику. мощный трек от Hot Pink Delorean.
два отличных ремикса на Daft Punk в середине. трек от 19-летнего Lucky Date.
холодный танец от Tipsy. и совершенно странный и придурошный финал от Chemical Brothers и Ninja High School.

01. ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (Streetlab mix)
02. Hot Pink Delorean - Blaze It
03. Audiostalkers - Rapidgirl
04. Sharam Jey ft. Lost Valentinos - In My Blood (Mom & Dad Remix 2)
05. Thomas Bangalter - Turbo (Paul Anthony & ZXX's 2009 Dub)
06. Bill Eff - Chocolatey
07. Udachi and Jubilee - Paypur (Mr Vega Remix)
08. Daft Punk - One More Time (Dskotek Remix)
09. Daft Punk - Human After All (The Disco Villains Remix)
10. Sawgood - Ctrl Ur Brain (Calvertron's Jedi Mind Trick Mix)
11. Lucky Date - Grind On Me
12. Ladytron - Tomorrow (Jeuce Rework)
13. Flamboyant Bella - Get a Reaction (Breakdown Remix)
14. Cold Blank - Nasty And Gaspar Go To White Castle
15. Tipsy - Soundboy
16. Da Disco Boyz - Rock Da Party
17. Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence
18. Ninja High School - Good Morning

42:21 min / 77.56 Мб

@темы: House, Techno


Cougarettes - Milk Fangs EP

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

Среди бесконечного множества жесткого грубого электро с добавлением Женского вокала, 8-мибитных звуков и хард-гитар, которые, словно грибы после дождя, повылазили после коммерческого успеха дебютного альбома Crystal Castles, очень сложно было не сломать голову. Не смотря на то, что You Love Her Coz She's Dead, Heartsrevolution и Kap Bambino (держащие за ручку Trash Yourself) мне очень нравятся, в моей голове постоянно крутилась мысль о вторичности (естественно, я не думал, о похожести на Crystal Castles, которые в свою очередь похожи на Баха, потому что тоже используют 7 нот для написании музыки, просто в большинстве своем использовались одинаковые клише!). Надоедал одинаковый давящий звук 8-битки и детский вокал, а потуги в сторону утяжеления звучания выглядили забавными и по-детски милыми.
Здесь же все иначе.
Представте крайне дикую (простите за каламбур) Пичес (на секундочку, Канадка!), которая решила не связываться с моднявыми продюсерами, а записала альбом с еще одной бабенкой - Annie-Claude (да-да, это солистка Duchess Says, которые как и Cougarettes - канадцы. Менталитет у них такой, что ли?), которая в нужных местах как взревет во всю свою грудную клетку, а подыграть им пришли Toxic Avenger, или скажем, Bandit. Представили себе эдакий дикий коктейль из женских истерик, взрывных электро-звуков? А теперь, подумайте, о боже, звучании, которое похоронило Crystal Castles, так как гитары и 8-бит этих 3 мужчин и женщины в красном звучат словно вчера придумали это сочетание. Их Sugar пробрала до костей. Это как то, чего никогда не будет (ни в этой жизни, ни в этом мире) - искренние чувства в месте скопления людей - любовь на танцполе. Ты можешь не просто танцевать, а отрываешь куски души и разбрасываешь в народ. Их музыка, схватила меня за шиворот, как маленького котенка, и выкинула пинком из окна.

Cougarettes - Milk Fangs EP
VBR V0 | 34 mb

Tracklist :
1. Sugar
2. Spell
3. Erraael
4. Barcel
5. Ego Head


@темы: Electrorock, Electro, Chiptune, Canada


Herve Presents: Cheap Thrills Volume 1

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Теперь и замечательный британский лейбл Cheap Thrills подготовил нам компиляцию своих лучших работ (но об этом я уже писал, когда Херви и его кореша давали самодельное радио шоу). В связи с тем, что Херви не может сидеть на месте, а должен он бежать и прыгать, все хватать, ногами дрыгать... то и здесь, буквально каждый трек под его чутким контролем. Либо это ремикс, либо посильная помощь, либо спрятался за маской своих проектов Action Man, The Count или Speaker Junk. А в конце вообще выдал околочасовой микс. Кроме этого, есть прекрасная возможность познакомиться с новыми именами лейбла: Martelo, The Glamour и Max Morrell - все молодцы.

А сборник в целом крайне энергичный, булькающий, живучий. Осень - пора крутых компиляций. А по ожидаемости стоял на ровне с винилами Варпа и дисками Hyperdub.

Только напрягло одно - трек Mars от нашего, всеми нелюбимого ФБ. Складывается ощущение, что будет как история с песней Hotel California... Старики говорят, что были у Иглс и другие песни, но мы знаем только эту.

MP3 | 320 | 345 mb

CD1: Unmixed
01. Jack Beats - U.F.O.
02. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
03. Project Bassline - Drop the Pressure (Jack Beats Remix Blended By Herve)
04. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (The Count AKA Herve's Big B. Morgan Remix)
05. Action Man - Zombie Dance
06. Martelo - Wasted (feat. Herve)
07. Fake Blood - Mars
08. Herve & Kissy Sell Out - Rikkalicious
09. High Rankin' - No Money for Guns
10. Herve - Baseball Bat (feat. Marina Gasolina)
11. Speaker Junk - Outside
12. Herve & Jack Beats - Rainstick (Herve's Monsoon Mix)
13. His Majesty Andre - Puppets (feat. The Bloody Beetroots)
14. The Glamour - Rubbin' and Bumpin'
15. Max Morrell - Seelikio
16. Herve & Kissy Sell Out - Everybody
17. Detboi - Get Low
18. High Rankin' - Clarence Baskerville 2

CD2: Mixed By Herve (59:47)
01. Jack Beats - Labyrinth
02. Max Morrell - Seelekio
03. Hervé & Jack Beats - Rainstick (Bushfire Mix)
04. Max Morrell - Back Yard Riddim
05. His Majesty André feat Bloody Beetroots - Puppets
06. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
07. Gigi Borocco - The Rhythm
08. Speaker Junk - Outside
09. Detboi - Get Low
10. Fake Blood - The Dozens
11. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (The Count's Big B Morgan Remix)
12. Jack Beats - U.F.O
13. Martello feat Hervé - Wasted
14. Action Man - Zombie Dance
15. High Rankin-No Money For Guns
16. Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Original V Jack Beats Remix blended by Hervé)
17. High Rankin feat. Gyto - Bubble & Squeak
18. Dub Frequency - Felton Skank (Dub)
19. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (High Rankin VIP Remix)

Наша клевая раздача на TPB - thepiratebay.org/torrent/5109063
И чужая на торрентс.ру (там нет наших тэгов) - torrents.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2269582
Буду крайне благодарен, если кому-нибудь удастся перезалить все это чудо куда-нибудь.

www.megaupload.com/?d=Y5WLSF21 cd 1
www.megaupload.com/?d=BIGQQR4K cd 2

@темы: Bassline, Breaks, Cheap Thrills, Electro, Fidget, House, Techno, UK Garage


The Toxic Avenger - Scion CD Sampler V.26

Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Скажите, вы помните, когда я писал про этот сэмплер и выложил несколько треков? А теперь на нашей улице полноценный праздник. Все треки в одном архиве. Все в 320, с отличным настроением и в прекрасной форме.
Интервью с Саймоном можно прочитать ниже, а музыкой необходимо наслаждаться прямо сейчас.

The Toxic Avenger - Scion CD Sampler V.26
Label: iheartcomix
320 | 174 MB

1. The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Video Edit)
2. The Toxic Avenger - The Nonsense Anthem
3. The Toxic Avenger - Rush Hour
4. The Toxic Avenger - The Fall
5. The Toxic Avenger - любовь навсегда
6. The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Designer Drugs Remix)
7. The Toxic Avenger - The Fall (Switch Remix)
8. The Toxic Avenger - любовь навсегда (Acid Girls Remix)
9. The Toxic Avenger - Rush Hour (Ocelot Remix)
10. The Toxic Avenger - The Nonsense Anthem (The Juan MacLean Remix)
11. The Toxic Avenger - The Fall (Jakwob Remix)
12. The Toxic Avenger - Rush Hour (Harvard Bass Remix)
13. The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Burns Remix)
14. The Toxic Avenger - любовь навсегда (Ladytron Remix)


@темы: Breaks, Electro, Experimental, Fidget, France, House, Minimal, Mixes, Tech House, Techno


Kissy Sell Out Show | Friday 2nd October

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

Господа, я сейчас немного пьяноват (если в русском языке вообе есть такой оборот) поэтому не обращайте внимание на ощибки. Кисси вернулся. Джеймо и Джордж выгнаны с позором и сожжены на костре святой инквизиции, которая, как известно, приходит без стука (извиние, пьяным очень сложно шутить...)
В общемм, Кисси поговорил с протеже Эрол Алкана Riton и украл паспорт участников Джекс Бит в обмен на эксклюзивный микс с тем_самым_ремиксом на mars от fake blood...

Великолепное шоу со множеством новинок...
Люблю вас. Кому бы позвонить? Серьезно. Я лягу спать. Хотите, я вам позвоню? Если успеете, напишите номер... Пожелаю вам спокойной ночи.

Kissy Sell Out Show - Friday 2nd October
Треклист богатый на новинки. И даже Гучи Вамп в ремиксе от Кисси.


@темы: UK Garage, Techno, Tech House, Radio Show, Mixes, Minimal, Kissy Sell Out, House, Fidget, Dubstep, Breaks, Bassline


The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead EP

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

Как, думаю, многие уже знают, я догнал Саймона Делакруа в дверях и отобрал у него интервью. Все его ждали, а я ждал, когда же появится его новый релиз. Релиз - шикарный. Имена все известный и каждый добавил что-то свое в грустный трек "Toxic is Dead" - постарались на славу, видимо правда, хотят, чтобы Токсик поскорее Dead.
Не смотря на всю свою загадочность, Саймон оказался очень открытым и приятным в общении юношей. С радостью отвечал на вопросы и вступил в переписку. Одним словом, видно, что человек - наш! Вас ждет сюрприз... И да, мы с Саймоном подружились. Он пообещал приехать в Китай и пообщаться лично (кто не знает, у меня Китай, буквально через дорогу. Я в него за сигаретами хожу. И за дешевыми женщинами.)

1. Здравствуй. Расскажи, как твои дела?
Toxic Avenger: Я в порядке, спасибо.
Хотя, я немного устал, из-за того, что в последнее время работаю ОЧЕНЬ МНОГО, но в целом - все в порядке.

2. Хочу задать вопрос, который интересует всех: когда же выйдет твой дебютный альбом? Расскажи немного о нем. Ты уже придумал ему название?
Toxic Avenger: Мой дебютный альбом будет готов к марту и выйдет... охх... я только скажу, что ДО или После лета. Он будет называться "ANGST" и, да, мое звучание немного изменится. Не так, чтобы вы не заметили изменений, но они - будут. И вы заметите зачатки перемен, когда услышите компиляцию от Scion.

3. Скажи пожалуйста, почему для своей новой EP ты выбрал такое грустное название? Что значат для тебя слова "Toxic is dead"?
Toxic Avenger: Скорее всего - это отголоски к первому синглу Bauhaus "bela lugosi's dead". Просто я притягиваю все, что связанно со смертью...
Токсик умер. Да здравствует, Токсик!

4. Как родился твой трек "любовь навсегда"? Почему ты выбрал именно Русское (кстати, очень романтичное) название? Все наши сильно обрадовались! ) Ты знаешь что-нибудь о Русской культуре?
Toxic Avenger: *цитирую* "привет!"
Все очень просто: у меня семья в Одессе и Киеве и я решил уделять больше внимания своим корням. Я имею в виду, я люблю Россию! Я люблю Российскую культуру, еще люблю несколько российский музыкантов - начиная от Высоцкого, заканчивая Proxy.
Я бы очень хотел навестить свою семью в Одессе... Если какой-нибудь хороший промоутер прочитает это...

5. Расскажи, что ты думаешь о нынешнем состоянии электронной музыки? Кто из множества современников и твоих коллег, наиболее интересен?
Toxic Avenger: У меня много друзей среди тех, кто занимается продюсированием. Я очень жду альбом Les petits pilous. Еще я много слушаю Huarotron, еще Caspa and Rusko... Но все равно, я целиком в Midnight Juggernauts, хотя то что они сейчас делают - не супер!

6. Кто повлиял на твое творчество? Что ты любил слушать в детстве, когда был маленьким Токсиком?
Toxic Avenger: Я никогда не слушал много электро. Я слушал Morrissey, и конечно же, The Smiths. Еще Weezer, прочую популярную британскую музыку, например Suzanne Vega.The cure, и очень много Metal hardcore групп, типа Converge, The dillinger escape plan и так далее... Некоторый французский хип-хоп - Booba, Sefyu, и Orelsan - это эмси с которым мы вместе сейчас занимаемся музыкой (www.myspace.com/orelsan)
Достаточно мрачная музыка, я бы сказал... Вы будете удивлены, так как многое из этого повлияло на мой дебютный альбом...

7. Тебе нравится фильм "Toxic Avenger"? Какие фильмы тебе вообще нравятся?

Toxic Avenger: Я безумно обожаю этот фильм. Как и фильмы категории B, и кино про зомби. В основном кино 80-х, люблю фильмы Павла Лунгина.

8. Скажи, ты танцуешь под свою музыку? Возможно, не самый умный вопрос, но...
Toxic Avenger: Танцую! Если я не буду танцевать под свою музыку, я вообще тогда не буду танцевать ни под что.

9. И в завершении, напиши пару слов для своих поклонников из России...
Toxic Avenger: Итак, все, что я хочу сказать - ТВОРИТЕ!
Миру нужны русские музыканты.

The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead EP
Label: Franklin Hartzell
320 | 58 mb

Track List:
1. Toxic Is Dead 5:10
2. Toxic Is Dead (Drop The Lime Remix) 4:28
3. Toxic Is Dead (Franki Chan Remix) 5:16
4. Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunkers Remix) 5:13
5. Toxic Is Dead (South Central Remix) 5:13


Кому нужен оригинал интервью, дабы не перегружать страницу, напишите, отправлю в сообщении.
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Crookers - Put Your Hands On Me (Japan only LP)

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

Phonat - Phonat (2009)

Rome Mom / Resin Legs

А сейчас я хочу поделиться с вами альбомом. Очень шикарным альбомом. На столько шикарным, что трудно поверить... Трудно поверить в то, что в Британии электро новой волны может звучать так. Так по-французски сильно, разнообразно, незаезженно.
Так незаезженно, что я даже затрудняюсь сравнить с кем-нибудь из современных исполнителей. Это вам не уныние и бесконечный дисторшен. Это не хип-хоп, и не спэйс-диско. Это что-то такое живучее и умное. Эдакая субстанция, которая обладает сильнейшим магнетизмом. Очаровывает и похищает твои личные вещи. Меняет вкусы и не оставляет записки на утро с номером телефона.

Ну хватит дурачиться.
Мои французские друзья настоятельно советовали мне послушать альбом товарища Mondkopf, который, все без исключения, называли лучим в этом году (в нише Френч Электро, конечно же...). Но, товарищ Mondkopf, к сожалению, переиграл со всякими синтетическими звуками а-ля "Хеллоу 80's", а я этого ой как не люблю.

Зато товарищ Фонат (который, кстати, Итальянец - Мишель Бальдуззи) не стесняется врубить гитар в Zombie Army, или поиграться на чужой территории со стилем [вырезано цензурой] в треке Bad Boy.
Альбом очень приятно просто слушать, чтобы разведать новые территории... Интересно узнавать, а что же дальше будет, и как закончится этот трек? Сложилось ощущение, что я прослушал не 12 цельных композиций, а целых 24, а то и 30, потому как идей у парня в голове переполох, но они между собой дружат и ходят в гости по выходным.
Приятно чувствовать, что когда соседи по цеху кое-как могут наскрести идей на 9 треков + три ремикса (да-да, все мы знаем, о ком я...), этот 21-летний юноша (черт, даже младше меня) мог бы записать целых 3 альбома из материала, который он предоставил нам...
Чудесные ломанные ритмы, танцевальные биты, ломающийся вокал и рубленный в фарш фанк.

Я не думал, что мне этот альбом так понравится, из-за скептического отношения к современной электронной сцене, но Phonat захватил мэрию моего головного мозга и, кажется, уже принимает поправки в моей конституции.
Я бы очень пожалел, если бы моя интуиция заткнулась и не ткнула бы меня носом в красивую обложку. Пожалел бы, что прошел мимо и не услышал бы это новое чудо. Серьезно. Я даже не могу назвать трек, который бы мне не понравился. Альбом - как книга. Захватывающий роман с событиями, пускающимися в галоп, порой, будто сны младенца или сумасшедшего - яркие и безобидные, в то же время - тревожные, но объединены одним героем и его горячим сердцем. И знаешь, все закончится хорошо!

Phonat - Phonat
Label: MofoHifi
320 | 117,66 Мб

1. Warm Welcome (3:05)
2. Get Down My Dirty Street (3:34)
3. Set Me Free (5:01)
4. Ghetto Burnin' (4:40)
5. Love Hits The Fan (4:25)
6. Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde (5:45)
7. It's For You (4:17)
8. Learn To Recycle (5:40)
9. The Big Deal (5:02)
10. Zombie Army (3:45)
11. Bad Boy (3:57)
12. London (3:18)

Прослушать на Битпорте

А если вы раздумываете все еще, посмотрите это видео, которое вызывает (шутка ли?) рак сетчатки.

С днем Интернета вас, друзья "мы вступаем в группы под названием "мы все еще покупаем CD", хотя тупо качаем эмпэтришки из сети". Стабильного вам коннекта и своевременных утечек. Ну вы понели ;)

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Rome Mom / Resin Legs
Я уже писал про них следующие слова:

«Дуэт всего с одной ИПишкой, которая по значимости может сразиться со средних размеров алмазом. Американцы Дэйв Нада (как же ему хреново в детстве бы пришлось, живя он в России) и Мэтт Нордстром не стали долго думать и назвали проект, сложив свои фамилии.
А слушая их Pussy Ep, думается, что они делали свою музыку так: "Ах, а сейчас вы расслабитесь, и вот вам, танцуйте. Думаете, это все? А вот мы сейчас вот так вот сделаем". В общем, не дают отдохнуть. Звучание меняется, несется ввысь, и вообще, не отпускает от себя, потому как наглухо залипает в голове. Не гнушаясь использовать заезженные сэмплы из 80-х, делают их максимально органичными и не "выпячивают", в отличие от доброй половины всех нынешних электронщиков.

Шикарные ребята, советую!»

Nadastrom - Pussy EP (2008)

1. Pussy 05:41
2. The Way You Movin 04:41
3. Tween Me You Feat. Blaqstarr 04:11
4. Ritalin 04:47


А знаете почему вспомнил? Потому что, наконец-таки, удалось заполучить их новую и КРАЙНЕ крутую EP.
Очень рад за ребят, потому как они делают очень крутой хаус с примесью фанка и электро.
И очень рад за лейбл Dubsided, на котором, кстати, выпускались и Херви, и Джесси Роуз, и Switch.

Nadastrom - The Saved EP

1. Save Us
2. Squarez
3. Ghetto Pass


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