Меня, как распятую пятую ногу, Меня смотрят пятнами открытые слогу.
Once upon a time my friend Billisson lost his monkey Martыn. He was plunged into self-reproach and because of that sorrow he was bringing misery upon everyone he saw.

But he had to move on because there were some more God creatures in need of protection & love. The snakes and the scorpion felt humble because Martыn drew Billisson`s undivided attention.

Billisson & the crew had a cozy trailer. There was a life-sized portrait of their idol Kuklachyov-The-Great on the wall. That trailer was like the part of their team as they used it to cover the distance between South Kansas and Manhattan. They performed the shows that stired everybody’s imagination. Billisson intended to show his wonderful crew on the Breadway to pay off his debts and to gain the reputation of Kuklachyov`s follower.

When Billisson lost his Martыn the only thing that could console him was a simple cocktail of heavy drinking and easy women. Let’s make it clear: he had no prejudices and spared no expense in that stuff.

He wanted to seem more rough-mannered. But he was a complete failer in that try. Because even when he was in a sulky mood he used to make a feet massage to all easy women. Even to the ugliest. And all the empty bottles - that were a lot - he gifted to Manhattan tramps. All the pangs of annoyance or jealousy made him feel ashamed for himself and his spoiled nature.

In this sad period of time he went into reminiscences as often as it gets. Years ago the girl he was after was unconscious of his feelings. By the time he was courageous enough to open up to her, he was already mixed up in unpleasant for a gentleman story. So she staid unconscious about it and he became a heart-broken man.

The only chance to get his clean name & a fair record back was to prove his talent and ability to bring happiness to people. He was sure that after his name was a by-ward she would definitely fall into his respected arms.

To cut a long story short, Martыn was found in a litter-bin three weeks later, drunk. After Martыn accounted for his behavior, they continued their rehearsals. But then came the chief of the Breadway and took them away straight to the main stage. Why did he do it? He liked the name of the monkey. And there came the glory...

to be continued