Про Сиб

Руслан переписывается с одной дамой ООАкершой,
Интересненькое про Сиб:)

Hi Ruslan
Juts a note to let you know the issue #2 of the mag was ready but cancelled since some articles were talking about sybarites dolls. It has been brought to my attention that the manufacturer of these dolls had a blog in which they called some of their buyers "assholes" and they "want their head in a cellophane bag". See the blog here
Thus I decided to remove all the syb pics from my websites and I'll no longer work on these or advertise these dolls. Many collectors in the world are very angry; I'm' glad I don't collect these dolls

Вот так, обидели они коллекционеров, и им сейчас бойкот. Кто нибудь знает об этом?

2010-05-13 в 07:06 

Hate is easy, love takes courage.
Блог закрытый. Пока ничего не слышала, но я и не коллекционер особо... Интересно, что будет дальше.