"Wirst du mich nie verstehen? Wirst du denn nie verstehen? Hast du noch nie gesehen wie meine augen glitzern?" "Have you been wrong to just stop breathing without cause? Wneh all is gone....can I choose to follow you?.."
It is the time when world has finally turned grey
And there’s nothing left to love and not to hate
It is the time when night could cover all the wounds
I could hide myself in glooms

I wish sun will never rise in morning light
Strongest pain shall make my dreams come true tonight
Let my sorrow flow away from autumn eyes
No one should hear useless cries
Let eternal rain falls down on my cold face
Let the sun will never shine again at me
It is not important whom I’m embrace
Stone and flesh are now equivalent to be
How could I dare for something to believe
How could I hope for own chance to live
Strange is to born for Death - for you but not for me
Only that way I could be free

I’ve lived for years with heavy stone on my heart
I know – the mysterious new life will never start
There’s no answer for my ardent entreaty
And there’s no liberty for me