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Strange but Happy
Just Stay Bizarre
Синема форевер юхуууу! :vict::lol:
Они изменили жизнь на 100%. Они бесподобны.
И распались не распались, главное то, что мы помним)
Я вот помню, сутки на пролёт за интернетом в поисках инфы, видео и фоток, когда они только начинали)))
Как с нетерпением ждала клипы)
А главное...Как впервые побывала на их концерте в Москве и Питере в 2009 году!
Как впервые увидела своих любимейших дайри-тимовцев!:squeeze:
Вообще теперь с названием группы такие мощные и приятные ассоциации и воспоминания, что словами не передать.
Да что там, как хотите, но у нас с ними тур по России был! Это вам не хухры мухры! Правда, тим?:vict:
Благодаря им, у меня теперь много очень хороших прихороших друзей, благодаря им, я такая вот и я рада)
Спасибо им за всё: за музыку, за песни, за всё то, что благодаря им испытала каждая из нас)

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facebook: The Present

Just Stay Bizarre
The best kind of present is something that somehow represents the person that gives the presents as well as it makes the person to receive it happy.Whoever dir that painting - keep it up! You're truly gifted.

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Strange but Happy
Just Stay Bizarre

Dear fans, dear friends,

As a band we reached a point in our career where it is time for us to start something new.
We decided to discontinue working as Cinema Bizarre from now on and take a break beginning in 2010.

We want to say thank you for all the faithful and devoted loyalty and we are grateful for getting the chances able to work with wonderful and talented people.
The results are two albums that made us travel the whole world to see your faces and play our songs.

We look back in delight, are happy to be the best German newcomer outside Germany, we like to think about all the concerts we played.
The last year was a huge success for Cinema Bizarre.
Some say one should leave off with an appetite.

All's well that ends well - we'll meet again.
Stay true to yourself.

Love, Cinema Bizarre

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Romeo & Kiro

Just Stay Bizarre
Русский журнал жжёт!:vict:

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Just Stay Bizarre

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Just Stay Bizarre
Sisters of Rock - Dude's Lady and my Red Rose

А зачем ему басуха?

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Strange but Happy
Just Stay Bizarre

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Постик для размышления на ночь)))

Just Stay Bizarre
Из блога Веника ака Ванесы:)
хз что это:alles:

интересный текстик

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Just Stay Bizarre

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С Днём Рождения!

Just Stay Bizarre

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Just Stay Bizarre

*пошла копать себе ямку*:heart:

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Just Stay Bizarre

shower - than i wanna work on a special version of one of our songs.... @gogumba hey man its gettin time for another jamsession ....

alone at home, think i wanna dream a dream tonight about a chinese princess, a green dragon and cherryblossoms ^o^ - good night neverland <3

ve you found some little secrets in the video ? maybe the keytarre or my mask hangin around at the performance ... search the little things.

lets celebrate gorgeous you know whose party this is bit.ly/qTnLU

THIS IS SOOO COOL !!!! RT @jackestrify twitpic.com/c1n98 - don't know who did it. but that's CHIBI CAPTAIN STRIFY. thanks

twitpic.com/c06su - with Wanda (germanys next topmodel) ! whats happend that night ? ;D

twitpic.com/c06o0 - Bunte roxx !

Wish that someone make an important decision and that it work out in an happy ending ... - good night neverland -

www.cinema-bizarre.d... HOMEPAGEUPDATE ;D TIME FOR PARTY !!!!

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Just Stay Bizarre

twitpic.com/c1n98 - don't know who did it. but that's CHIBI CAPTAIN STRIFY. thanks

POPmusic is like a chronical disease. Once it is in your system you will never get rid of it. Ive been infected when I was a litte strifyboy

Visual Orgasm. www.apple.com/trailers/disney/aliceinwonderland...

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Just Stay Bizarre
order our single "i came 2 party " at www.amazon.de

bit.ly/4mLtv new MUSICVIDEO online & at our myspace

World Premiere of I CAME 2 PARTY in about an hour!

3 hours left until worldwide video premiere of "I CAME 2 PARTY"!

"I CAME 2 PARTY" video premier in 11 hours!


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I came 2 party!

Just Stay Bizarre

*Смотрит на Страйфи...и расплывается лужицей в полном кавае*:inlove:

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Amsterdam 11.07.2009

Just Stay Bizarre


Just Stay Bizarre

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TOYZ 2009.04 - Music remains.

Just Stay Bizarre
„Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome –

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema!“

It’s bloogin’ time again and so much stuff is goin on.

We are workin’ on the idea for our new music video „I CAME 2 PARTY“, it’ll be shot in June. It’ll be some kind of video remake based on an idea of a music video that’s a classic. I’m not going to tell you too much. What do you think should a Cinema Bizarre party look like?

A week ago we’ve been in Italy and had a wonderful performance of „DEEPER & DEEPER“ at the Italian MTV TRL Awards. Because the album release was postponed again, we wanted to make you a little present and this track is downloadable for free at cinemabizarre.com!

And the journey continues: On the weekend we’ll have the „TOYZ“ pre-release-party in Hamburg where we will appear as DJs and even play a few new tracks from the album for you. Hope I’ll see you there!

Next week we’ll be in Paris and have a little special event for you - an intimate accoustic evening – and the we’ll head to Moscow and Kiev for some concerts.

But a few things happened these days that weren’t so nice.

There was some buzz about stuff that leaked on the internet that upset some of you.

Also I read some reviews about the album that were kind of... I don’t know how I should say it... they were kind of funny. They were writing about all our make up, about how much hairspray we use, about the „wrong“ way of writing „TOYZ“ with a Z and so on.

That’s fine for me, but I really don’t understand the point of writing a review about an album without writing about the music.

Yes, Cinema Bizarre is not only meant to be heard but also to be seen.

We are making video, photos, are creating images... but all this comes along with the music.

There has always been a lot of controversy in my life. I guess it’s the same with the band.

But I just don’t want you to lose focus on the most important thing.

You can have as much posters as you want in your room, you can have zero posters.

You can dress the way you want, you can write whatever you want about us.

As long as you care about one thing: the music.

I don’t want you to forget that, it seems that happened to the person who has written that review (or copied it from another writer).

So many things come and go. Music remains, Art remains.

Stay Bizarre.

Jack E. Strify

PS: Click here to follow CB on twitter. Have you already seen the first three lessons? More to come.

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Очередное тату Ю

Just Stay Bizarre

Самое жуткое в том, что такую же татуху себе на спине набила дЭвушка Ю

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Just Stay Bizarre
theres a new master in tha house, say hello evryone :D

Ну разве не милашка???:lala2:

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