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Korean Albums:
1. My Name (VCD)(Hong Kong Version)

Japanese Albums:
1. Listen To My Heart (CD)(Hong Kong Version)

2. Valenti (CD+DVD)(Hong Kong Version)

3. Love & Honesty (CD+DVD)(Hong Kong Version)

4. Best Of Soul (CD+DVD)(Hong Kong Version)

5. Outgrow (CD+DVD)(Limited Edition)(Hong Kong Version)

6. Made In Twenty (20) (CD+DVD)(Hong Kong Version)

7. The Face (CD+2DVD)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

8. Best & Usa (2CD+2DVD)(Japan Version)

US Albums:
1. BoA (Deluxe Edition)(US Version)

Japanese Singles:
1. Eien / Universe Feat. Crystal Kay & Verbal M-flo / Believe In Love Feat. BoA (CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

2. Mamoritai - White Wishes (CD+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

Collaboration singles:
1. Believe In Love Feat. BoA (CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

Korean DVD~s
1. History of BoA (Korea Version)

Japanese DVD~s
1. BoA First Live Tour 2003 - Valenti (Hong Kong Version)

2. BoA Live Tour 2004 - Love & Honesty (Hong Kong Version)

3. Boa Arena Tour 2005 - Best of Soul (Limited Pressing)(Japan Version)

4. BoA The Live - Ura BoA Kikase Kei (Hong Kong Version)

5. BoA Arena Tour 2007: Made in Twenty (20) (Jacket A Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

6. BoA The Live "X'Mas" (Hong Kong Version)

7. BoA Live Tour 2008 - The Face (Japan Version)

1. BoA Sweet Impact Poster
2. BoA Style - Pretty Star Earrings
3. BoA - Curve Barbell Earrings

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