Сказочный герой
Сказка есть! Я в ней живу.

We will never forget this great friendship love.

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It was recently. It was getting dark.


In Praise of Shame

Last night unto my bed bethought there came
Our lady of strange dreams, and from an urn
She poured live fire, so that mine eyes did burn
At the sight of it. Anon the floating fame
Took many shapes, and one cried: "I am shame
That walks with Love, I am most wise to turn
Cold lips and limbs to fire; therefore discern
And see my loveliness, and praise my name."

And after words, in radiant garments dressed
With sound of flutes and laughing of glad lips,
A pomp of all the passions passed along
All the night through; till the white phantom ships
Of dawn sailed in. Whereat I said this song,
"Of all sweet passions Shame is the loveliest."


Alfred Douglas (1870-1945)

2010-09-26 в 09:53 

Ведь цель – это не конец пути, а сама дорога.
Красиво...но к сожалению искусственно

2010-09-26 в 14:38 

ever forever
А что искусственного?

2010-09-26 в 18:33 

Ведь цель – это не конец пути, а сама дорога.
сами фотографии и атмосфера изображенная на них

2010-09-26 в 20:09 

ever forever


"Бесконечная фантазия"