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Jenny got a gun

Дата регистрации: 18 января 2007
Возраст: 33 года
ID: 383833


Дневник: dairy of Jane...

Дневник ведется с: 20.01.2007
Оформление: Пунктирный ритм, авторы: diary.ru
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am so sick of such a lot of ordinary people, whoom i can`t call "good", because from them beet a cold, they are cowardly people, who suppress the call of life, them can`t attract unknown distances,they can`t selflessly to grow fond, they have their own cares:to not have wet feet, to not tire heart, to not miss an opportunity to achieve small narrow-minded success at the insignificant talents... people, be cool!!! with the vigorous temperament, ready on risk, noble, sympathetic, possessing the most lovely human weaknesses, kind, affable, generous and magnanimous, let even full reckless incourage, but only not harel souls...

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